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If You Missed Voting For Bristol on “Dancing with the Stars,” Don’t Worry, You Can Vote on Whether or Not a Baby Lives or Dies

Posted on November 19 2010 5:00 pm
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When I read the story about Pete and Alisha Arnold , I felt sick. At first I thought that it might be an example of pro-life reverse psychology, but having heard the couple’s denial of the charge, I’m not so sure. The two are willing to sacrifice the life of their unborn child upon the altar of public opinion on December 9th, which is the last day they can legally abort their child. They are allowing the public to vote on whether or not they will abort the healthy baby that 30-year-old Alisha is now carrying. I don’t watch “Dancing with the Stars” but I do follow the news enough to know that Brandy wiped the floor with Bristol during her performance and lost anyway. The court of public opinion is not always just.

If you think that my comparison trivializes the issue, you’re right. This example perfectly reflects the absurd action on the part of the Arnolds. I am not filled with hope for the future of this child. Even if the public spares the life of this baby, what kind of future does he face with parents like these?  Carrying a baby to term is hard. Raising that child, especially during the first year, is even more so.  Will they sell him to the highest bidder if the little ingrate does something inconvenient like cry all night or not nurse on schedule? Will they ask us all to vote again?

Pro-choice voters were winning until this story broke into the national news. As of today, the baby’s life will be spared. The increased media attention has the ability to turn the vote again if it becomes a battle between pro-life and pro-choice groups. I recommend a third option in the abortion debate that the couple has failed to list on their Web site. I think that it would be best for the couple to put the baby up for adoption. If the Arnolds want to enter into the arena of public opinion ever again, I hope that they get thrown to the lions.

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