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Facebook Not On Saudi Prince’s “Like” List

Posted on November 19 2010 9:00 am
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Knowing Facebook’s interesting past with allowing cartoons of Mohammad being posted for “Draw Mohammad Day”, we never thought Facebook would be on the Saudis “like” list. Living in  a Western society, having a social networking site blocked for exhibiting western thought is mind boggling and a violation of freedom of speech. But according to a Saudi Kingdom representative, Facebook was blocked “because the popular social networking doesn’t conform with the kingdom’s conservative values”.

The Canadian Press also reported,

“[Facebook’s content] crossed a line with the kingdom’s conservative morals”

Looks like the Saudi Prince isn’t too happy with Mark Zuckerberg.

What would Facebook look like if it was designed by the Saudi Prince? Maybe he can use my suggestions to create his own multi-billionaire dollar social networking site someday. I present to you the “Saudi Facebook”:

1. A Saudi Arabian flag would greet the user after logging in

2. The side advertisements would only be inviting people to mosques and conversion schemes with maybe a few “design your own burqah” ads using a headline that says “pick out your shade of black to make your husband go WOW”

3. Profile pictures that show areas below the eyes will not be permitted

4. Users would be able to choose from two groups: how to beat your wife and 5th wife and counting (groups would be only a select feature allowed for men)

5.  Saudi Arabian men would be able to monitor their wives Facebook pages to make sure they are not committing adultery

6. A selection of messages from the Quran would be visible under a selection tool to update each user’s status

7. The Saudi Kingdom would be in full control of their users and would have the opportunity to boot anyone off of their site

The Saudi Prince should be thanking us for these suggestions to show our consideration for their religion. A Facebook made solely for Saudi Arabia would stop killings and stoning for using the Western version of the social networking site.

It would also prevent any future Saudi woman from being killed, like yesterday’s case reported by The Telegraph where a young woman was murdered by her father for chatting on Facebook.

Let’s act on future cases like this, and request the Saudis to fix this problem in order to allow the usage of freedom of speech  under their country’s restrictions. Sounds like a great plan to me.

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