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Abortion Groups Have Lined the Pockets of 2 NYC Councilwomen Pushing CPC Censorship

Posted on November 19 2010 8:00 pm
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Abortion $ goes to NYC councilwomen to bring down alternative option clinics.

The New York City Council met once again last Tuesday to discuss censoring New York Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) which offer alternatives to abortion.  Some pro-choice groups have pushed for the NYC Council to censor CPC advertising and force the centers to put up NARAL approved signs in their clinics.  NewsReal Blog has uncovered that abortion groups have been funding the campaigns of the 2 councilwomen pushing for the bill.  It appears that pro-abortion clinics and their supporters are trying to buy the votes of the NYC Council in order to silence their abortion alternative competitors.

The original story on the NYC Council bill broke last October.   Two leaders on the Council, Jessica Lappin and NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn have been the biggest proponents of the bill.  Both ladies have received considerable campaign contributions by pro-choice groups.  That should be of serious concern considering both ladies have been linked by the press to shady legislative activity in support of campaign contributors.

In June of 2009 two reporters for the New York Daily News did an article titled, “City Council members get campaign contributions from non-profit organizations they funded.”  The authors studied the campaign contributions to council members, matched it with other records, and found some questionable activity.  Guess who two of the top featured Council members are?  Jessica Lappin and Christine Quinn.

The Daily News reports that Quinn “earmarked $150,000 for the Emerald Isle Immigration Center, whose board chairman raised at least $10,900 for her (failed) mayoral campaign.”  The story reports that Lappin “sponsored $15,000 for the private Gillen Brewer School on the upper East Side. Members of the school’s board contributed or raised $11,875 for her campaign.”

The article quoted from Susan Lerner, part of a nonpartisan government watchdog group called Common Cause.  She said of Quinn and Lappin’s activity (along with other Council members):

It makes the whole thing seem incestuous…(This give-to-get relationship) “muddies the waters tremendously and mixes public policy with political expedience in a way that we should not be encouraging.

Obviously Quinn and Lappin have been a part of these give-to-get relationships in the past.  Could this bill trying to shut down CPCs be another example?  I studied the campaign contributions and other resources to find a lot of clear connections between these women and abortion groups.
First, let’s talk money. Both women have received direct contributions from NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-choice groups for over $4,000.  This amount does not take into account the common practice of relatives of organizations giving money to these two women.  As the Daily News said of their research, “The News… mostly counted contributions from direct employees – not relatives. The total campaign haul is likely much larger.”

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