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He Who Touches My Junk, Gets Trashed

Posted on November 18 2010 4:00 pm
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"You touch my junk, and I'll have you arrested."

The latest outrages from the TSA, involving “naked X-rays” and “enhanced pat-downs” or body-groping, teach us once again an old lesson: if we allow tyrants to perpetrate one outrage on us without objecting, they will go on to even worse outrages.

We all made the mistake of meekly enduring the idiotic screening procedures of the TSA and Homeland Security. We put up with the head-in-the-sand nonsense of treating all passengers alike, meaning 80-year-old grandmothers were as likely to be closely examined as swarthy young non-English-speaking men.

The TSA’s “strictly impartial,” undifferentiated screening method is necessary to satisfy the pieties of what is called “political correctness.” By the terms of that contrived viewpoint, we are obliged to pretend we think all passengers are equally likely to harbor murderous intent – despite the fact that that assumption is manifestly untrue. To do otherwise, to recognize the different probabilities and act on them, would reveal to the critical view of those leftists whose task is to identify such things, the evil, racist, discriminatory motives hidden deep in our hearts which only they can see.

As Arnold Ahlert said in his Jewish World Review article, “Grope and Change“:

[D]espite over three decades of terrorist attacks perpetrated almost exclusively by Muslims, and of those Muslims, a subset of males between the ages of 17 and 45, government is determined to remain “equally suspicious” of everybody.

Of course, that determination ignores reality. As Dennis Prager observed earlier this month, “A distinguishing characteristic of liberals and leftists is their aversion to acknowledging sad facts.”

If we acknowledge that some demographics are more likely to contain bombers, i.e., if we design our security measures with real-world probabilities in mind, we thereby deny a primary tenet of political correctness, namely, that people are fungible — that there are no differences of any kind among various groups and demographics. Denying that tenet is by PC definition racist. So to give extra scrutiny to young male Muslims would constitute racial or religious bigotry, by the terms of the diseased leftist mentality.

TSA HandlesMaBarker

"You don't fool me, Ma Barker!"

We as airplane passengers have meekly put up with the TSA’s idiocies, for the most part with little protest. Travelers are mostly docile, cooperative, even servile to the screeners. After all, the screeners don’t set the rules — they are just doing their job, as defined by their superiors.

But it is possible sometimes to be too servile. It wouldn’t hurt to point out to TSA drones the idiocy of their methods – maybe objections would work their way back up the chain of command. It wouldn’t hurt to quit being so damned nice to our inquisitors.

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