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Hyperbolic Hypocrite Andrew Sullivan Outraged by Rush Limbaugh’s “Bald Racism”

Posted on November 17 2010 6:00 pm
Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Calvin Freiburger is a political science major at Hillsdale College. He also writes for the Hillsdale Forum and his personal website, Calvin Freiburger Online.

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Looking at modern-day Andrew Sullivan, it’s hard to believe that he was ever considered a sane, respectable member of the Right. Today he’s infamous for bizarre rantings on everything from Sarah Palin’s children and Catholicism to domestic politics and that scheming Israel, and to the extent that he retains any conservative views, they’re easily eclipsed by his left-wing agitating.

This week’s example is an old standby—“The Bald Racism of Rush Limbaugh.” Sullivan’s outrageously outraged that Limbaugh’s website recently featured an image of Barack Obama’s face added to Mt. Rushmore in graffiti, with the accompanying text:

LIMBAUGH: This guy is an utter wrecking ball all by himself on the world stage to the point now of getting embarrassing.  This presidency of Obama’s, it doesn’t take much to irritate the left. Try this:  “Barack Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.” That’s what his administration is.  No more than graffiti on the walls of American history.  We have a juvenile delinquent for a president who has ruined so much public and private property, not even his gang is making much of an effort here to protect him.  It’s an utter disaster.

Sullivan’s diagnosis?

SULLIVAN: Is any American more adept at exploiting racial dog whistles? It’s always egregious enough to be calculatingly offensive, but never quite an open and shut case, because most of all the talk radio host revels in being called a racist so that he can throw up his hands and complain about liberal race-baiting […] This is self-concious and all the more disgusting for that reason.

Of course, graffiti is common among thugs of all races; as RB at the Right Sphere observes:

I guess Sullivan is saying only blacks can be juvies? Rush also made a reference to Obama’s “gang”. Is Sullivan also saying that only minorities can be in gangs? In this specific example, Obama’s “gang” is made up of mostly WHITE people, Andrew.

I grew up in NYC. I can tell you from personal experience that 1) minorities aren’t the only graffiti “artists” and 2) there are plenty of white gangs, asian gangs, black gangs, hispanic gangs, and gangs that are a mix of all races.

I could also point out that, to quote Ace, Sully is a longtime “font of apologism on behalf of racists, so long as he harbors a political crush on the particular racist of the day,” whether it’s Obama’s kinship with Jeremiah “US-of-KKK-A” Wright or the Ron Paul rEVOLution’s seedy underbelly, both of which received miniscule, quickly-abandoned criticism from the Offended One. Why one standard for them and a totally different one for Limbaugh? Simple: because “bald racism” doesn’t actually mean “hatred of racial minorities” in common Sullivanian usage; it means “disagrees with Andrew Sullivan.”

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