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Daily Kos Compares the American Dream to AIDS, Avian Flu and Puppies?

Posted on November 16 2010 9:00 am
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Capitalism is so despised by the Left that it’s no surprise to read Daily Kos blogger Kevin Tully’s comparison of the American Dream to deadly viruses like AIDS and the Avian flu:

The “American Dream” is a worldwide viral phenomenon – with many more potentially dire consequences than AIDS or Avian Flu.  We have exported this thing from one end of the earth to the other – it’s like the gifted puppy that can never be housetrained, it grows up, still, so cute and familiar – your proud of your gift, it craps on the floor and tears down the curtains – it’s new owners overlook the crap; the dog is so cute – however, you can’t get over the crap and torn curtains when you visit.

The American electorate rejected the progressive agenda on November 2 and true to form, the leftist wordsmiths went on the hunt for new targets, juxtaposing images of fear (AIDS) and hope (puppy dogs). The so-called liberals shifted their focus from mocking the dreamers to maligning the dream.

A September ABC/ Yahoo poll showed that half the country no longer believes that if one works hard, he will succeed. Daily Kos, Michael Moore and others have bit down on this bone in recent days and won’t let go:

Perceptions of life in America don’t get any more basic than this,” pollster Gary Langer told The Upshot. “It is a telling indication of the economic discontent this country has been and still is suffering.”

Naturally,  the progressives can’t let this ‘discontent’ and ‘suffering’  go to waste so they go in for the kill, feasting on the collective  despair.

The American Dream, the same spiritual force that moved my hearty Ukrainian grandparents to pack up the kids, their clothing and travel thousands of miles with no guarantees, is an ‘anachronistic’ ideal – no more useful than puppy poop.  So much for ‘hope.’

Tully, in what sounds like a passage from the Unabomber’s Manifesto, calls the American dream a ‘flawed conspiracy theory:”

The American And Worldwide Governmental and Corporate Power Structure Is Working Together In An  EconomicPoliticCynicalObfuscatorial Manner to deny Environmental And Societal Degradation To Further The Goal Of Themselves Which Are Ourselves and Thereby Put Us All In A World Of Hurt.  So there you have it.

As an artist/carpenter/designer Tully’s bio states that he is “concerned about the state of the earth.” His  illusive conspirators want to destroy ‘civil society and the environment’ in order to ‘maintain’ the American Dream or the puppy:

This past weeks election was a referendum on the puppy.  The rhetoric and the outcome were very predictable: The folks that are still very proud of the puppy were very persuasive and voted, most of us other folks – stayed home.

Tully urges his readers to adopt the 60s revolutionary spirit and ‘boycott corporations, things and ideas that are inimical to a clear conscience.’ In  his call to action Tully does not define ‘things and ideas.’

Maybe life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Kevin?

Progressives  desperately need to drive a stake through the very heart of our republic, the promise of a better life for all who want it. 50 years ago they tried to destroy the American entrepreneurial spirit by engineering a welfare state. Now that we’ve seen the results of that disaster, we cannot let them get their hands on our  precious puppy, the American dream.

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