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Why We Can’t Back Off on the “Mommy Wars”

Posted on November 15 2010 7:00 pm
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Holly Wickham ( In Defense of Women: Why the Mommy Wars are Counterproductive) would “like everyone to back off, now” from the “Mommy Wars” and cease criticizing female politicians’ decisions about how they care for their children; it has a divisive impact on the conservative movement and ends up subjecting female politicians to a double standard.

But I wonder if Ms Wickham has read Bryce Christiansen’s article, “Why Obamacare Delivers the Wrong Family Medicine” (Family in America, Vol 24, #3). He has some very disturbing things to say about the consequences of day care for young children:

Parents who place their infants in daycare are in fact exposing them to slightly higher risks of recurrent ear infections than mothers who smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Besides ear infections, many other illnesses-including tuberculosis, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, meningitis, bronchitis, influenza, rubella, and gastroenteritis,-strike daycare children with such frequency that when Pediatric Annals devoted a special issue to the problem, the title of the lead editorial rang out: “Day Care, Day Care: May Day, May Day”. With almost 60 per cent of American preschoolers and 20 percent of all infants and toddlers under the age of two placed in institutional daycare as of 2005, the cry of Mayday should be resounding quite loudly.

The gravity of daycare disease is aggravated by the fact that daycare children are receiving antibiotics at a rate almost four times that of children cared for at home, so incubating “anti-biotic resistant organisms”. Health officials understandably worry that these super-microbes will spread beyond the daycare centers in which they originate, so “increasing the potential for poor outcomes of common infectious diseases” and creating a “serious problem world-wide.”

Does anyone doubt that when the issue of day care disease reaches a crisis point leftist politicians will propose more government programs and entitlements, funded through more taxes, as a solution?

How mothers and fathers care for their children has very real consequences for the physical and emotional health of the next generation, and for the size and scope of government. Politicians who would have us view this issue as merely one of personal choice, having no consequences beyond the immediate family, do a real disservice to the conservative cause.

But Ms Wickham is right about one thing: we shouldn’t criticize female politicians about how they handle their family responsibilities and forget about men. Male politicians should also be questioned about how they balance their careers and family responsibilities. Ever wonder why male political figures so rarely raise the issue of the absence of responsible men in the lives of boys who grow up and become violent criminals? Maybe they themselves don’t want to be questioned in this matter.

Well, they should be.

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