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The Top 8 California Schools that Are, Like, Totally Wasting Your Money

Posted on November 14 2010 11:00 am
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.

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7.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s some loons at UC Irvine

UC Irvine offers “The Science of Superheroes” and advertises it thusly:

“Have you ever wondered if Superman could really fly? What was Spiderman’s spidey sense? How did Wonder Woman’s invisible jet work? What does it really mean for something to be a scientific ‘fact’? Explore how science works and what constitutes ‘good’ science through case studies drawn from a wide spectrum of people’s experience, for example superheroes, movies and real world issues such as global warming.”

Okay first. If you are really wondering what spidey sense was, or how Wonder Woman’s jet worked, one might be able to infer that you’re not completely with the rest of us here in the realm of FACT, much less science. But I digress. I’m excited that we’re going to learn what makes for good science through people’s experiences (huh?), and I’m even more excited that people’s experiences apparently include BOTH superheroes and global warming (glad the instructor makes clear that global warming is the REAL WORLD issue). Hey, why doesn’t Superman just blast all that evil carbon dioxide with Kryptonite, anyway? Is he a Republican or something?

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