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From the Archives: 10 Reasons 2010 Isn’t the Year of the Lefty Woman

Posted on November 14 2010 5:30 pm

2. Tina Brown: ‘Wingnut’ Women A Blow To Feminism

While there was a plethora of up in arms, whining articles bemoaning the rise of conservative women to the forefront, Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast, fully exposed the Left’s deep-seated fear of losing their gender identified victim-hood status during an appearance on Good Morning America in June of this year. The segment was discussing primary wins by Republican women, including Carly Fiorina and Nikki Haley. Said Miss Brown:

TINA BROWN: Yeah, I mean, it was. I mean, in some ways, it’s, again, representation that people are looking for otherness. You know, they’re so disgusted with incumbents, they’re looking for something completely different. And, as it happens, of course, women usually are seen as, you know, an alternative because many more men are in there. But, actually, the only trouble with this one is, it almost feels as if all these women winning are kind of a blow to feminism. Because, each one of them, really, most of them, are, you know, very much, uh, uh, you know, against so many of things that women have fought for such a long time.

Sorry, Miss Brown, but, no. These women do represent true feminism. They also fight for things that I fight for – as a woman and as a person. You see, Miss Brown, some people don’t marginalize themselves into gender boxes only. Unlike the Left, who seeks to diminish women by making them perpetual victims and who wants women to focus on busy work issues only. That whole empowerment deal? It’s impossible to be empowered if one is shrouded in victimization.

Faux Feminism, like that espoused by Femisogynists, is dead. People like Tina Brown are merely throwing themselves on the casket, caterwauling in a desperate bid to keep it alive. They are failing, because their hypocrisy is so blatant. Inventing victimization here, but ignoring true victims, the women in the Muslim world, as we’ll see later.

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