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Will the Real Bullies Please Stand Up?

Posted on November 13 2010 8:00 pm

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There used to be an old, black and white TV show called “To Tell The Truth.” Each of three contestants would claim to be a certain person. The celebrity panel would then ask questions hoping to zero in on who was telling the truth, while the two imposters would do their best to mislead them. Finally the host would say, “Will the real Mr. So and So please stand up?”

This kind of bait and switch is exactly what the left is doing today when it comes to bullying except that it’s not a game. They’re trying to convince us that what they’re implementing in our schools are genuine anti-bullying programs when in fact, they’re part of an overall agenda the Left is pushing that includes moving certain privileged minorities to the front of the line at the expense of everyone else.

Bullying, of course, is nothing new. Back in my day kids were picked on and bullied because they were too fat, too skinny, wore glasses or funny clothes, acted ‘inappropriately’ for their gender or any number of other ‘reasons.’

This kind of behavior is always unacceptable and schools should properly be doing everything in their power to stop it. However, one suburban Chicago high school got more than they bargained for when they decided to organize an anti-bullying initiative which only targeted bullying against gays.

As reported by both The Blaze and the Huffington Post, the kids at St. Charles High School were asked to wear purple shirts in defiance of gay-bullying. This kind of coercive suggestion is a form of bullying in itself as is the underlying assumption that other kinds of bullying aren’t as important as that targeting gays. A week dedicated to the awareness of bullying is fine; a week dedicated to anti-gay bullying inserts politics where it doesn’t belong. The fact that there has been a tragic rash of gay teen suicides should have served to highlight the overall problem and not been used as an excuse to disregard other bullying victims.

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