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We’re Looking for a Few Good Gender Traitors

Posted on November 13 2010 2:20 am
Jenn escaped blue state academia for redder pastures in the South. Follow her on Twitter and read more of her work at
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Feminist Hawk

If you’re a blogger who pisses off the feminist Left just by breathing, The Feminist Hawks’ Nest wants you as a contributor.

The Hawks’ Nest isn’t your typical chick blog. We’re seeking writers with a sense of humor who understand that real feminism isn’t about quoting Marx, tilting against patriarchal windmills, and amassing the thickest stack of victim cards. If you see one of us write “hegemony of the phallus,” you can be sure it’s with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

We don’t carelessly fling around the words “sexism” and “misogyny,” and as featured contributor Lori Ziganto once noted, we don’t cry wolf whistle when a guy finds a chick attractive.  We’re letting the Gloria Steinems, Jessica Valentis, and Amanda Marcottes know that they’ve lost their exclusive claim on feminism by treating it like a game of victimhood bingo.  They can call us gender traitors all they want — we’re not going anywhere.

While so-called feminists on the Left celebrate the sexiness of the burqa and defend the practice of female genital nicking, the Feminist Hawks fight against Islamic misogyny, including genital mutilation, stoning, immolation, acid attacks, beatings, forced marriage, rape, sex trafficking, and all of the many forms of brutality faced by Muslim women worldwide.

Contributors to The Feminist Hawks’ Nest are also encouraged to write about topics that don’t directly involve women and feminism. And men are welcome, too. We like having them around.

For more on the origins of the Feminist Hawk meme and The Feminist Hawks’ Nest, please read this post by NewsReal managing editor David Swindle.  If you think you’re a good fit for the Hawks’ Nest, fill out the form below, let us know why, and include a writing sample or two.

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