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David Horowitz’s Archives: Cornel West’s Favorite Communist

Posted on November 12 2010 6:45 am
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This article originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine on June 12, 2006.

Some people think I am unfair to Cornel West when I refer to him as an over-praised, over-paid academic airhead. I always try to see the other side in disagreements like this, but I have a real problem with this one. Here it is.

Back in the Sixties, I knew a Berkeley radical named Bob Avakian. Avakian was the son of an Eisenhower Republican judge named Spurgeon Avakian until one day he made a name for himself, while embarrassing his dad, by climbing a flagpole during the Vietnam protests and pulling down an American flag. He was given thirty days for flag desecration. This was radical stuff in those days and, as I have recently learned, somewhat embellished. Avakian concedes in his recent autobiography that someone else actually pulled the flag from the flagpole at the Oakland County Courthouse where Black Panther leader, murderer and rapist, Huey Newton was on trial, and Avakian merely was the one caught holding it.

Avakian was a Maoist and I had the displeasure of confronting him once, in the days when I was still a radical. Our encounter took place in the Black Panther Party headquarters on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley and was over an editorial he had written in the Black Panther paper about an island in the Ussuri River that both China and Russia were claiming. His editorial demanded that the left support Communist China’s “righteous claim” to Chen Pao Island (the Russians had given it a Russian name. It was my opinion that supporting these squalid territorial claims was actually a disservice to the left. I would have had the same attitude if Avakian had supported the Russians.) What I discovered in the course of our discussion was that Avakian had in effect copied the editorial from Peking Review and was himself ignorant of the historical background to the Sino-Soviet dispute and uninterested in its political ramifications. I left the conversation thoroughly depressed about the shallowness of the movement of which I was still unhappily a part.

Avakian went on to greater things, specifically to found the “Revolutionary Communist Party, USA” and become a Mao impersonator himself, requiring his minions refer to him as “Chairman Bob.” He also got himself an arrest warrant in 1979 by leading a violent demonstration against a visit by Mao’s successor Deng Xiapoing whom Chairman Bob regarded as a revolutionary sell-out. Avakian’s protesters chanted “Mao Zedong did not fail, revolution will prevail.” Rather than serve a sentence, Avakian fled the country and for the last three decades (less a few years) has lived in what he self-adoringly calls “political exile” in France.

During that time, Chairman Bob has produced an impressive array of books with equally impressive titles:

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