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ACORN Vote Fraudster Avoids Prison With Plea Bargain

Posted on November 12 2010 3:00 pm
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ACORN senior official Amy Adele Busefink opted for a plea bargain in Nevada in the hope of avoiding a jail term for her participation in a voter fraud-related conspiracy.

The phrase “voter fraud,” sometimes referred to as electoral fraud, encompasses a variety of election-related crimes. In this case, Busefink made an “Alford plea” which is about the same as a “no contest” plea. She was accused of condoning a conspiracy to provide unlawful bonuses to voter registration workers who surpassed their daily quotas. Nevada law outlaws such additional compensation because it gives registrars an incentive to register Mickey Mouse and dead people to vote.

Busefink’s underling, Christopher Howell Edwards, already took a deal offered by prosecutors for his role in the affair. He was supposed to testify against his former overseer. Busefink is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 10. Although prosecutors are not recommending imprisonment for Busefink, the trial judge could still send her to the hoosegow. (Photo from Las Vegas Sun above shows ACORN employees Amy Busefink at left and Christopher Edwards at right during a 2009 joint court appearance.)

Soon after Busefink’s deal went public, Michael McDunnah, spokesman for Project Vote, ACORN’s infamous voter registration and voter mobilization arm, sent me a note to complain about a blog post I wrote elsewhere about the Busefink deal. According to McDunnah, “Amy Busefink worked for Project Vote, not ACORN.”

This is complete nonsense. Busefink’s criminal complaint said that as “ACORN Regional Director for Voter Registration” she “did aid, abet, counsel, encourage, hire, command, induce or procure ACORN to commit the crime of Compensation for Registration of Voters by approving ACORN Las Vegas Field Director Christopher Howell Edwards’ blackjack or ‘21’ bonus program…”

I talked about ACORN’s legal problems and whether it was likely to be investigated by the incoming GOP majority in the House of Representatives on Fox Business earlier this week. Here’s the video:

ACORN plays a never-ending game of corporate musical chairs with its affiliated entities. When ACORN feels it is advantageous to associate with an affiliate, ACORN claims the affiliate as its own. When it isn’t, it claims the two organizations are not related. ACORN does this even when the affiliate shares office spaces, resources, and employees with ACORN. In other words, ACORN routinely lies with impunity. That’s standard operating procedure in America’s most corrupt, dangerous, and destructive Alinskyite community organization.

Busefink led the 2010 national voter drive for Project Vote, which was President Obama’s employer in 1992. She also headed up ACORN’s fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive. In that drive, officials threw about 400,000 invalid registrations.

ACORN filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Election Day to escape its debts, but it is also charged with multiple counts of election fraud. Prosecutors in Nevada say they plan to go ahead with a Nov. 29 trial in Las Vegas.

If ACORN is convicted it would cause an earthquake in leftist organizing circles across America and might embolden more prosecutors to take on ACORN and similar groups. Until it was charged by Nevada last year, ACORN had frequently boasted about how it –as opposed to its employees— had been able to duck prosecution for election fraud-related offenses.

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