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Politically Incorrect Parenting Presents: 5 Reasons Little Boys and Girls Are Not Progressive “Its”

Posted on November 11 2010 1:00 pm
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If you can remember watching the first man walk on the moon, you probably can remember when boyish antics and energy was washed away with dismissive statements such as “boys will be boys.” But then, that was a long time ago, back when boys and girls were expected to actually be different.

Did that last statement “boys and girls were expected to…” echo in the back of your mind, leaving you with a feeling of uncertainty and doubt?  Is that why girls and boys are different, simply because we expected them to be? That’s the feminist theory.

We now have a generation of parents that have been raised on a steady diet of this concept for so long, that some consider it to be cruel to label a child as a boy or girl—other’s have gone so far as to keep the child’s gender a secret and raise “it” without a gender.

In a newspaper interview a Swedish couple stated that their decision was rooted in the feminist philosophy that gender is nothing more than a social construct.

‘We want Pop to grow up more freely and avoid being forced into a specific gender mold from the outset,’ Pop’s mother said. ‘It’s cruel to bring a child into the world with a blue or pink stamp on their forehead.’

‘Girls are told they are cute in their dresses, and boys are told they are cool with their car toys. But if you give them no gender they will be seen more as a human or not a stereotype as a boy or girl.’

Unless these people are living under Sharia, it’s hard to imagine what kind of world they are raising their children in where pink and blue ribbons are considered cruel and small talk with children detract from their humanity.

That world may only consist in the minds of the Left, but it has created a messed up reality for the rest of us.

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