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Is Democrat Melissa Bean Stealing Election In IL 8th?

Posted on November 11 2010 3:00 pm
I live in Illinois, which is like living in a gulag for conservatives. A little over a year ago, I confronted CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, for unfairly reporting the Chicago Tea Party protest. I continue to detest the corrupt media.
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Isn’t it funny how most of the elections that weren’t decided on November 2nd are now being won by Democrats?  As I am writing this, Democrat Congresswoman Melissa Bean of IL 8th is playing by the Chicago Democrat Machine Playbook, Rules For Thieves.  This is where nursing home patients afflicted with dementia find it all important to cast their absentee ballots for the Democrats.  They can’t remember their children’s names, but they cast absentee ballots in every election.  Right.  So it goes in Illinois, where the Democrats are getting ballots every day from mental institutions and nursing homes for Melissa Bean.

Her opponent, Republican Joe Walsh, had an advantage of about 500 votes on election night, and the Dems have been producing mysterious ballots for Bean every day since. We still have no answer on this election.  is following the events.  This is what we do know.  On election night the ballots of eight Cook County precincts “went missing”. They turned up in Elgin, IL and in the middle of election night were transferred to Cicero, IL – “for safe keeping.”

Cook County claims to continue to receive about 20 – 30 absentee ballots per day. Cook County officials claim the ballots are valid, but refuse to retain the envelopes in which they arrive so that postmarks may be verified.

Cook County officials provided to the Bean campaign, upon request from them, a list containing the names and phone numbers of all those in Cook County who requested but did not return an absentee ballot. They also provided to the Bean campaign, upon request from them, an image file of a blank absentee ballot.

Out of concern for “fairness”, County officials then also supplied these materials to the Walsh campaign, who had not requested them, but learned about this when they were received.

The list contained approximately 600 names and phone numbers.  A number reside in “mental rehabilitation facilities” and, upon inquiry form the Walsh campaign, were told that callers can only speak with the voters’ case workers.  Some were nursing home residents who said that they had sent in a ballot which they had signed. On-site investigation revealed that some of these voters were incapable of holding a pen.

Walsh campaign investigation revealed ballots that were sent to addresses where the alleged requesters had not resided for two – 15 years.

Apparently the absentee ballots recently received have been running 70 – 30% for Melissa Bean, a much higher ratio than other selected groups of ballots and dramatically higher than all other ballots together.

Democrat officials are predicting a Melissa Bean victory if she is able to win “85% of the ballots outstanding”. The statistical anomaly of this is left unremarked.

The Walsh campaign has heard rumors of a huge ballot dump – hundreds of ballots – to arrive at the Cook County Clerk’s office within the next few days.

The Illinois press is not investigating these events. Will the Democrats be allowed to steal yet another election in Illinois?

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