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America to Dems: We’re Just Not That Into You

Posted on November 10 2010 9:00 pm
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In a NewsReal Blog post last week, I wrote about the top 10 excuses Democrats will make for why they were destroyed in Tuesday’s historic midterm elections. Apparently I gave Democrats too much credit. I was assuming they would accept the fact that they had been defeated.

Any self-respecting coach who boasted a season average loss of 65 points would consider letting someone else take charge. As Michael Tomasky observes of midterm elections:

“[Y]ou lose 65 seats, you resign. Period. There should not be a question.”

But Congressional Democrats have expressed so little interest in replacing House Majority (soon Minority) Leader Nancy Pelosi that you might be forgiven for thinking she were a Republican plant.

(Perhaps left-wing columnist Susan Estrich is also a Republican plant; see her hilarious but non-satirical column, “Nancy Pelosi, Superhero.”)

Pelosi plans to celebrate the wild success of the 111th Congress with a swanky soiree in the Cannon House Office Building.

Let’s catalogue the damage from last Tuesday’s elections. Approximately 40% of incoming House GOP freshmen are affiliated with the Tea Party, and five (six if Joe Miller wins) of the seven Senate pickups are for Tea Party candidates. This is to say nothing of officeholders who are already Tea Party luminaries, such as Representative Michele Bachmann and Senator Jim DeMint.

Not only did Republicans net more than 60 House seats, 7 Senate seats, 7 governorships, and dozens of state legislatures—which should be a strong enough signal to Democrats that America is sick of their policies—these candidates are on average more conservative and less likely to vote for Democratic legislation than Republicans in the current Congress. Reelected incumbent Tea Party Congressmen are also more likely to pick up key chairmanships and leadership posts and exert greater influence over Congress.

But of the incoming GOP freshman class, the website cries:

“91% have sworn to never allow an income tax increase on any individual or business… 79% have pledged to permanently repeal the estate tax… 48% are pushing for a balanced budget amendment”

as though the American people weren’t wildly in favor of all of these proposals.

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