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60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft Still Enabling Barack Obama

Posted on November 8 2010 11:00 am
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60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft first interviewed Barack Obama in February, 2007 , then in November 2008 after the historic victory and three more times including this past Sunday night.

The road to the White House and beyond has been paved with sycophantic enablers like Kroft.  Mr. Obama’s appearance last evening left no doubt that the president is in deep denial and 60 Minutes, like the rest of the leftstream media, refuses to confront the One’s delusional thinking.

Over the past 3 years the so-called liberal media has exacerbated the president’s unhealthy and unproductive behaviors. He still stubbornly insists that he does not have a problem, or that the problem lies with the American people.  Kroft cuddles up to the president with this people-pleasing drivel:

People have made the argument you lost control of the narrative
…that you haven’t sold your successes well enough.

People who were among your most ardent supporters…feel a little  disappointed…that they think that you’ve lost your mojo…and I’m sure that  drives you crazy.

Obama’s response clearly indicates that the community organizer desperately needs someone to intervene; if not his media toadies then perhaps the triumvirate at the White House: Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama and his mother-in-law:

Over the course of 2 years we were so focused and so busy getting a bunch of  stuff done…leadership isn’t just legislation…it’s a matter of persuading people…it’s setting a tone…making an argument that people can understand.

The folksy non-Harvard, non-eloquent  “getting a bunch of stuff done” may be Obama’s attempt to appeal to the bible-thumping gun-clingers but it also indicates that he is one of the few Americans left who do not “understand.”  Despite the ‘shellacking’ last Tuesday and falling poll numbers he continues to insist it’s the “tone” of his Marxist policies and the stupidity of the masses that keep getting in the way. If he could just convince the people that style matters more than substance, then all would be well.

Breaking through a person’s denial, whether it involves food, drugs, alcohol or in the president‘s case, himself, can be the most difficult part of the recovery process. Enablers like Steve Kroft need to stop coddling a grown man. If he and other lapdogs keep treating him like a toddler then he will get worse, not better. As a consequence, so will the United States.

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