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Pro-Aborts Screech, “Stay Out Of My Uterus!” Unless They Want To Brag About Abortions On Twitter

Posted on November 7 2010 10:00 pm
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bgiacomazzo: I’m GLAD that most people are coming out in SUPPORT of #ihadanabortion — I guess there’s hope after all. You women are so brave. Godspeed.

AmandaMarcotte: Good on the folks at the #ihadanabortion hashtag. I haven’t, but it’s incredibly common. No need to feel alone.

Too bad that they wish women who have been harmed by abortion, who have been traumatized by it, remain feeling alone. They deny their very existence.

EmilyWherever: Sometimes twitter is so inspiring. The #ihadanabortion hashtag is beautiful to see. Yeah ladies!

“Yeah ladies! Good on you for killing your unborn children! w00t! You totally pwnd that baby!”

JenGStarr: @Quod_Erat More selfish and damaging to bring a child into the world without the means to care for or provide for them.

Of course, a baby is better off dead than being poor! I mean, what if that baby won’t have its own swanky pants and oh-so-hip iPod? What if it, egads, has to eat store brand food? The Left is constantly talking about welfare and food stamps and “free” health care for all, yet they evidently don’t think anyone actually avails themselves of such things. Instead, just kill the baby.

What never enters their empty heads and heartless bodies either is the fact that no baby is unwanted. We have this thing called adoption. Perhaps that is too complex an idea for the soulless.

AmandaMarcotte: Also, screw the people who tell you you’re wrong at #ihadanabortion. Most of them would be pissed if the thread was #ihadsexoncewhilefemale

JenGStarr: @AmandaMarcotte It’s not so much about life with them, more about punishing female sexuality.

Typical narrative from modern day feminists; try to paint anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs — about anything — as some sort of puritanical prude. Bring it around to sex, as always, natch. Because, prudes. You see, that’s the reason we don’t want babies to be killed: Because we hate sex. Or something.

This vile campaign promotes only one thing to me. It proves that the Left uses women only. They are preying on them and convincing them that they should brag shamelessly about the killing of unborn children. They want abortion not safe, legal and not rare. Not only not rare, but something to boast about and rejoice over.

They seek to encourage abortion for convenience, they seek to encourage the killing of an unborn child who isn’t timely. They deny the very real trauma that abortion causes women. They deny the deep pain and guilt these women suffer from. But they encourage its celebration.

It is not “empowering.” It is heinous.


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