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Pro-Aborts Screech, “Stay Out Of My Uterus!” Unless They Want To Brag About Abortions On Twitter

Posted on November 7 2010 10:00 pm
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Pro-abortionists love to give lip service to the “right” to privacy, especially when it concerns fancy wombs. Except for when they wish to take to Twitter and boast about their abortions publicly, apparently. This week, they did just that using the hashtag #ihadanabortion. The alleged reasoning behind such a campaign was to promote empowerment and to take the “stigma” out of, you know, the killing of unborn children. Because, wing nuts won the elections. And The Patriarchy ™. Or something. Never mind that elections themselves are, by definition, all about choice. Facts are hard.

Facts are hard for the press, too, who are ever ready to toe the pro-abortion lefty line. The Washington Post furthered the “OMG, radical extremists who hate lady bits were elected!!!111” narrative with their article “#Ihadanabortion: Tweeting abortion after the election.” Their bias was clear from the first two paragraphs:

With Tuesday’s sweep of antiabortion candidates into Congress (including a handful of ‘hardliners‘ who say they would outlaw the procedure in all circumstances), some pro-abortion rights activists took to Twitter under the hashtag #Ihadanabortion.

Salon reported that the campaign began with a tweet Wednesday morning by @IAmDrTiller: ‘Time for us to come out. Who’s had an abortion? Show antis we’re not intimidated by scare tactics. Use: #ihadanabortion.’

Oh, yes, people were forced to boast about their abortions due to a sweep of hardliners threatening them. Apparently super scarily threatening them with the fact that abortion is legal in this country. Sigh. Hey, what about the hardliner who started this “campaign”? What kind of extremist does one have to be to choose Dr. Tiller as their idol? A man who killed thousands and thousands of unborn babies and harmed thousands and thousands of women.

Salon‘s Broadsheet also made mention of the elections in their article “Tweeting your abortion.” Tracy Clark-Flory wrote “Political slogans are not about nuance, and after Tuesday’s election we’re especially in need of some bold rhetoric.”  This is typical of Tracy Clark-Flory, of course. When Angie Jackson disgustingly live-tweeted her abortion, Tracy Clark-Flory not only applauded it, but said that women should thank her. Thank her. First, she quoted Angie Jackson’s vile “It’s not that bad… It’s basically like a miscarriage”. Um. Except you are killing the baby on purpose. And, by the way, a miscarriage isn’t such a cavalier thing to most people who are neither heartless nor soulless. It hurts. You grieve for the life lost. You never, ever forget it. She went on to grossly say:

there is something reassuring about how she matter-of-factly walks us, and herself, through the whole process. It’s as though she’s live-tweeting the aftermath of a routine medical procedure, like a wisdom tooth extraction.

That exemplifies the second absurd narrative they are trying to promote with this campaign. Abortion needs to be out in the open and not stigmatized. Abortion should be no big whoop! It’s just like eating a cheeseburger. Wait, bad example. Eating cheeseburgers should be stigmatized, according to the Left. But not killing the unborn – hence the need for “bold rhetoric.” Here is some of the “bold rhetoric” Clark-Flory, for one, rejoices in:

Almost half my life ago, #ihadanabortion. I’m not sorry. I’ve never been sorry. I will never be sorry. Just very, very grateful.

Those who are ANTI-choice shd B glad #ihadanabortion. I went on to finish college, support myself, marry … have 2 honor students. Nice, huh?

Pregnancy or a child doesn’t stop you from being able to attend class or, you know, read.  Unless these “empowered” feminists are claiming that a pregnant woman is somehow non-functional, incapable of thought and disabled to the point where she can’t attend college while pregnant – or even after having a child.

Next: the celebration of abortion for convenience —>

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