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In Praise of Media Matters … Um, What?

Posted on November 6 2010 1:00 pm
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I love pro-terrorism documentary-funding George Soros‘s Media Matters for America! Really, I do. After a hard day at work all I have to do is visit the group’s website and catch up on the latest cool conservative news. That’s because Media Matters loves to post videos of conservatives saying things so-called liberals and other radicals disagree with.

In other words, if it’s absolutely, 100 percent, dead-on accurate then chances are venal Media Matters will post a video clip of it. (The group will also post anything in the slightest way critical of President Obama too in order to attack it and attempt to prove how eeeeevil the right is.) Media Matters is one-stop shopping for all your conservative needs. It’s a serious time saver for right-thinking Americans.

And here’s the real kicker: the lefties like Soros are paying for it thinking it’s actually having an impact on the American public! The Sorosbots at the ethically-challenged Media Matters actually believe their own hype as they seethe over Andrew Breitbart’s latest expose, turn purple over Bill O’Reilly’s latest on-air editorial, and analyze every last semi-colon in Charles Krauthammer’s latest column in search of that rarest of unicorns, the beast known as “conservative misinformation.” If rage and haughtiness and indignation were commodities whoever could figure out how to harvest it from the Media Matters offices would become an instant gazillionaire. (Mr. Soros, are you reading this? You could recoup your recent $1 million investment in Media Matters a bazillion-fold! What are you waiting for?)

For example, sleazy Media Matters thought it was shockingly, appallingly, outrageously outrageous that Glenn Beck dared to bring up the Cloward-Piven Strategy once again on his TV show.

Beck said, “But do people really want to destroy [America]? Well, people like Cloward and Piven do.” That’s all it took for Soros’s propaganda machine to leap into action.

Although the Cloward-Piven Strategy is a real life strategy to radically transform America, somehow Media Matters thinks mentioning it constitutes “conservative misinformation.”

The strategy aimed at radical social and political change was articulated by Marxist university professors Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven in a 1966 Nation article, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” The two academics called for “a massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls” in an effort to overwhelm the system. [Italics in original.]

The strategy helped to bring New York City to the brink of bankruptcy in 1975. Years later, the Big Apple’s then-mayor, Rudy Giuliani, denounced the academic activists by name. “This wasn’t an accident,” Giuliani argued in a 1997 speech. “It wasn’t an atmospheric thing, it wasn’t supernatural. This is the result of policies and programs designed to have the maximum number of people get on welfare.”

In the Nation article, Cloward and Piven made it clear that they were irritated that plenty of Americans legally eligible to receive forcibly redistributed wealth hadn’t bothered to ask for handouts. “The discrepancy is not an accident stemming from bureaucratic inefficiency; rather, it is an integral feature of the welfare system which, if challenged, would precipitate a profound financial and political crisis.”

Although reasonable people might be able to have a discussion about the effectiveness of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, it is not a figment of Glenn Beck’s imagination.

And who keeps helping Beck spread the word about this un-American approach to change? Why, ever helpful Media Matters, of course.

Thank you, George Soros!

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