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California Dreamin’ Makes for Epic Nightmare

Posted on November 5 2010 3:00 pm
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.

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Watching election results, the obvious question for those of us in the Golden State is: What the [insert expletive here] is wrong with California?

The GOP tsunami hit an ideological wall as it hit our border – too bad we can’t keep illegals out as effectively as we exclude common sense. As one pundit said this morning, “California seems determined to pursue liberal statism to its logical conclusion (bankruptcy).”

The land of fruits and nuts lived down to its reputation, returning “Call me Senator” Boxer AGAIN – forging bravely ahead despite the state’s catastrophic economy with our own little (and by little I mean big) cap-and-trade to combat “global warming” – and, perhaps most puzzling of all… Governor Moonbeam is back in the saddle. (Buyer’s remorse may already be kicking in on that one.) All in all, kind of a post-Halloween Fright Night.

And as much as we can and will joke about Jerry Brown’s… uh… wackiness (polite term), the sad fact is that the Leftist freight train, effectively braked almost everywhere else (Massachusetts being another pathetic exception), is steaming full speed toward the cliff.

So what is wrong with California – or more precisely, California voters?

They have lived with this great experiment in Leftist agenda for so long that they have become willing pawns, utter dupes of the elites managing their lives. This is, of course, part and parcel of said Leftist agenda – to reduce the masses to obedient conformity. Manipulate the economic situation so that more and more people are dependent on government for necessities of life – and the threat to slow down the government goodie flow (as both Meg and Carly would have done) is seen as a grave threat.

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