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Blogger Lee Papa: Dems could win election ‘if black people decide that rain won’t hurt them’

Posted on November 5 2010 9:00 am
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"Rude Blogger" Lee Papa

“Liberal Racism” has a category of its very own at Discover The Networks, and for good reason.

I bet we all have our war stories about the insensitive, appalling and just plain jaw-dropping stuff we’ve heard come out of the mouths of “sensitive, enlightened” leftists (even though, according to them, we’re the “racist” ones.)

For example, one of the instructors at my community college — an aging, corpulent, long haired draft dodger type we’ve got a lot of up here in Canada — gave us a “write about what you know” type of assignment. Without hesitation, he turned to the only black guy in our class and said, “For instance, you could write something about Africa.” (We immediately called him out, then complained to our supervisor. He never returned to our class.)

(And hey: please share your similar, hair-raising tales in the comments below…)

However, I have to tell you, I just found out about one comment, made on a “progressive” talk radio show, that I didn’t believe was true until I heard the audio for myself.

Thanks go out to “Radio Equalizer,” Brian Maloney, who tracks down this stuff week in and week out. Maloney just posted a clip from Stephanie Miller’s radio program that aired right before Tuesday’s election. Here guest is self-proclaimed “Rude Blogger,” Lee Papa. Here is the transcript:

STEPHANIE MILLER (21:08): One of your posts is if Republicans lose on Tuesday, there will be blood because there is always a chance in a democracy that the pundits could all be wrong.

LEE PAPA: That’s right. If black people decide that rain won’t hurt them [Miller laughs] than that way they and there’s a huge turnout for the Democrats and they get out the vote factor comes into play, then yeah, there is a vague chance.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find any outrage about this remark over at the George Soros Steno Pool, otherwise known as MediaMatters. I guess they’re too busy promoting imaginary racist remarks falsely attributed to  Rush Limbaugh…

Look: I’m VERY politically incorrect on my own blog. I insult every race and religion in a Don Rickles fashion, because political correctness is literally a threat to national security and I’m trying, in my own goofy way, to destroy it. Lee Papa is a stand up comic as well as a blogger, and I really do understand and sympathize with that reckless, take-no-prisoners sensibility. I do my  “shtick” on my blog because, unlike Papa, I honestly don’t have the guts to go up on stage.

However: “progressives” are the ones who claim the ethnic and racial high ground, so to speak, again and again and again. “If you disagree with Obama‘s policies, you’re a racist.” “The Tea Party is racist.” You know the drill.

(My favorites are the times they say something bigoted — in the middle of trying to demonstrate how tolerant they are! Here’s Rosanne Barr showing you how it’s done.)

One of the folks doing that kind of name calling is radio host Stephanie Miller. Here she is calling Laura Ingraham a racist (and calling Samoans “fat” in the bargain.) Now here’s Miller (you guessed it) repeating those debunked “racist” Limbaugh quotes — after other media outlets had already retracted them.

Interestingly, however, Miller is the one heard laughing at Papa’s weird comment about “black people” and “the rain.” (Listen below.)

If you can figure these people out one day, can you let me know what you come up with? Because I’m stumped.

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