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The Vermont Supreme Court, Non-Biological Moms, and Your Brain on Feminism

Posted on November 4 2010 12:00 pm

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Where are the feminists when you really need them? I mean real feminists, those who are looking out for women and the issues that matter to them, not the radical, leftist femisogynists who have co-opted the name today.

The headline coming out of Vermont says it all: Custody Upheld For Vermont Lesbian Non-Biological Mom. The Vermont Supreme Court says the lower family court was right to award custody of 8-year-old Isabella Miller-Jenkins to her biological mom’s former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins.

This is one wrong action piled on top of another. It’s true the biological mother, Lisa Miller, refused to allow her former partner visitation rights because by then she had renounced her lesbian lifestyle. In spite of this, custody should never have been awarded to Jenkins. Society is built on the family unit of father, mother, and child, not two moms or two dads or any other combination. This child isn’t a puppy that these two women picked out together. When all is said and done, she’s Lisa Miller’s flesh and blood offspring.

Once again, the femisogynists are absent when they should be howling with outrage at this violation of the sacred mother-child bond. Isn’t it funny how they vanish like vapor when the issue doesn’t involve besting a man. And yet they feel Jenkins should be given the same kind of rights that fathers have, even as they work hard to deny those same fathers from getting equal time with their biological children after a divorce. Obviously lesbianism trumps biological motherhood in their eyes, even as women naturally trump men, which just goes to show the radical ideology behind what’s left of the movement.

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