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Pregnancy Is a Disease and Progressives Have the Cure

Half of all pregnancies in the United States are still unplanned. Ever since radical feminists discarded the bourgeois notion of a maternal instinct they’ve been at a loss to understand why 50% of women still have trouble using  contraceptives.

The 21st century researchers, with the help of a radical, pro-abortion administration, are working on the ‘cure’ for pregnancy.

The Institute of Medicine(IOM), funded by far left foundations like Robert Wood Johnson, will gather a “panel of experts” this month to discuss whether birth control constitutes preventive medicine under Obamacare. The women’s health amendment authored by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md) includes screenings for  mammography,osteoporosis and has “a definite focus on family planning.” Based upon the IOM’s recommendations  insurance companies may be mandated to offer a wider range of methods including sterilization free of charge.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America(PPFA) supports the freebies. She contends that the Pill and other methods are cost-prohibitive despite evidence to the contrary.

Wal-Mart offers the generic brand for $9 a month, condoms and spermicides are sold over-the-counter and low-income women, whose rate of surprise pregnancies are twice that of their more affluent sisters, usually qualify for Medicaid. Many Medicaid programs  cover tubal ligation, Depo- Provera injections, IUD’s and other more expensive, clinically assisted procedures. Since the 1990’s  private insurers have added  family planning services to their plans. Planned Parenthood lists these remedies for New York City residents:

If you have Medicaid or Medicaid managed care, you can come to Planned Parenthood for:

Birth control pills, condoms,foams,diaphragms, IUD’S, and Depo-Provera

Abortion (medical and surgical)

Pregnancy testing and counseling

Emergency Contraception

The “cost barrier” spin now being touted by Richards and her cohorts is the latest strategy to insinuate more “long-acting, reliable” methods of birth control into the Patient Protection and  Affordable Care Act under the guise of preventive medicine. The majority of women already have access to cheap, affordable and free birth  control as the PPFA’s own website indicates. The reality that women are still getting pregnant through “inconsistent or incorrect use” confounds the left. According to HuffPo free contraception:

could start a shift toward more reliable – and expensive – forms of birth control that are gaining acceptance in other developed countries

This “shift” is already occurring due to the efforts of progressive medical researchers. Dr. David Grimes, international family planning expert at the University of North Carolina states that “contraception is a prototype of preventive medicine.”  The failure rate of standard birth control methods is unacceptable to Robert Wood Johnson(RWJ) Yale scholar  Dr. Jeffrey Peipert. He was approached by an “anonymous foundation” in 2007 to study the problem. His Contraceptive CHOICE Project, offered no-cost STD checks, STD  treatment and free birth control for two years to 10,000 women in exchange for their participation. Dr. Peipert reports that over 70% chose long-acting IUD’s and implants and suggests that older forms of contraception are not hardcore enough for the 21st century:

The shift we need to see in the United States is a shift away from methods like the pill and condoms to the most effective methods, like implants and IUDs.

The Institute of Medicine, itself the recipient of 3.7 million dollars from the RWJ foundation in 2000,  will no doubt include Peipert’s study in their November 16 meeting.  Also accompanying the doctor’s research will be Planned Parenthood’s online ‘The Pill is Personal” project detailing users’ stories concerning the trials and tribulations of remembering to take the outdated drug every day.

Population control zealots like PPFA, their leftist doctors and the foundations that fund them have not yet achieved victory in the battle against motherhood. The life-giving processes that women possess, given by their Creator, have proved stronger than all of their attempts to eradicate the ‘illness’ of procreation.

Who said, “Life finds a way?”

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