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Posted on November 1 2010 6:45 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities

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  • While the United States has mostly closed down its underground military shelters, Soviet rulers are devoting massive resources (in a country on the verge of famine) to building an underground nuclear bunker the size of Washington capable of holding 30,000 people. The evident purpose of this bunker is to allow the Russian elite to survive a nuclear attack and thereby prevail in the event of all-out nuclear war. There is no country besides the United States that could qualify as an enemy in such a war. Meanwhile, Clinton is sending a billion dollars to Russia earmarked for its “nuclear disarmament program” even though the General Accounting Office has already determined that millions of these dollars are actually going to scientists working to build new nuclear weapons for the Russian military.Now the Cox Report has revealed that even while the Clinton administration was steadfastly “engaging” China as a friendly power, the Chinese were systematically plotting to penetrate the Democratic Party, subvert America’s electoral process and steal America’s advanced weapons arsenal. The bottom line result is chillingly captured in the Wall Street Journal’s summary of the bipartisan report: “The espionage inquiry found Beijing has stolen U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles and guidance systems. Targets of the spying ranged from an Army anti-tank weapon to nearly all modern fighter jets. Most wasn’t done by professionals, but by visitors or front companies. Lax security by the Clinton administration is blamed in part, and satellite makers Hughes and Loral are criticized.”

    Loral and Hughes are the companies that provided the Chinese with the technology to deliver the nuclear payloads. They were able to accomplish this with indispensable assistance provided by the Clinton White House, allowing them to circumvent technology controls instituted for national security purposes by previous administrations. Loral and Hughes are large Clinton campaign contributors; in fact, the head of Loral is the largest electoral contributor in American history.

    Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., chairman of the national security subcommittee on military research and development, has characterized the six years of Clinton’s administration as “the worst period in our history in terms of undermining our national security.” In May, Weldon traveled to Russia, in company with 10 other congressmen. On that trip, in his presence, a Russian general threatened the assembled congressman, warning that if the United States put ground troops in Kosovo, Russia “could” detonate a nuclear device in the lower atmosphere off the eastern United States. The resulting magnetic pulses would “fry” every computer chip in the country, shutting down phones, airplanes, electrical grids and so on until the country was thrown into absolute chaos. This threat was not made during the Cold War by a ruler of the former Soviet Union, but by a Russian general within the last month.

    If these revelations were not disturbing enough, the Clinton team’s initial reaction to the Cox Report gives even more cause for alarm. Before the report was issued, the Clinton cover-up squad had already scrambled its famous spin control into action. We have been told by the Clinton team, for example, that the damage resulting from all this spying is not very great because China has only 18 missiles and we have 6,000. Well, that’s this year. The theft has given China a 20-year jump in its nuclear weapons development — an eternity in terms of modern technologies. What happens five or 10 years from now when the Beijing dictatorship has hundreds of missiles aimed at American cities and decides that it wants Taiwan? What consolation would it be to people in Los Angeles, for example, who have already been threatened with a nuclear attack over the Taiwan issue, should Beijing decide to launch even one missile in their direction, given the fact that their president has denied them a missile defense?

    In the event of such an attack, would Washington be willing to trade 17 American cities (and that’s just this year) in a retaliatory nuclear exchange to defend Taiwan? On the other hand, if historical experience is any guide, the communists just might. In Vietnam, the communists were willing to sacrifice 2 million of their own citizens, while 58,000 proved to be too great a sacrifice for Americans in pursuit of the opposite result. The Chinese communists have already killed an estimated 50 million of their own population in the pursuit of a revolutionary future. Is the risk of China’s willingness to pay another awful price to achieve what its leaders consider a worthy objective one that we can just brush off?

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