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Posted on November 1 2010 6:45 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities

This article first appeared at Salon on 28 May, 1999.

On many occasions over the past few years, including innumerable campaign appearances and three State of the Union addresses, the president of the United States has looked the American people in the eye and assured them that because of his policies, “There are no more nuclear missiles pointed at any children in the United States.”

For President Clinton, the truth of this statement probably depends on what the meaning of “are” is.

But for the rest of us, it is imperative that we recognize the president’s statement for the dangerous lie that it is. The tiny shred of truth out of which Clinton has woven this politically useful lie is a meaningless, post-Cold War agreement between Russia and the United States to stop targeting one another’s cities. But even if Russia’s government were not in a state of near dissolution, the stark military reality is that U.S. intelligence services simply have no way of telling what targets Russia’s leaders have actually chosen for their nuclear warheads. In any event, it would take only 15 seconds for Russian commanders to retarget any of their hundreds of strategic missiles tipped with multiple nuclear warheads our way once again.

More importantly, by every military index available, the Russians are in fact energetically planning for the possibility of future nuclear war with the United States. And they are not alone. Thanks to technology transfers courtesy of the Clinton administration, China and North Korea are also armed with long-range missiles capable of reaching the American mainland, and neither of those countries are parties to our non-targeting agreement with Russia. According to a recent CIA report, 13 of China’s 18 nuclear warheads are known to be aimed at American cities. Nevertheless, after six years of tenacious, dedicated opposition by the Clinton administration to the Strategic Defense Initiative, America has almost no protection against incoming missiles and no prospect of deploying a new system for many years to come.

Meanwhile, the post-Cold War world is a dangerous place, and our potential adversaries are more numerous and less predictable than during the Cold War itself. But, as documented by the veteran military reporter Bill Gertz in his disturbing new book “Betrayal,” the Clinton administration remains in virtual denial of these dangers:

  • While the administration has cut America’s military budget by 40 percent and dramatically drawn down America’s nuclear forces, the general in charge of Russia’s rocket forces has publicly boasted that his are still at 90 percent of their combat effectiveness during the Cold War. The same general admits that his nuclear command and control systems are already stretched 71 percent beyond their life expectancy and that they are susceptible to unauthorized acts by rogue commanders.
  • Though threats from nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism continue to grow, Clinton has used his veto power to resist every effort by Republicans in Congress to authorize an anti-missile defense program. This opposition was mounted in the name of will-o’-the-wisp “arms-control” agreements with the Russians (who have never in the past respected them), and under the assumption that there was no imminent threat of a missile attack to the United States anyway. In pursuit of these chimeras, as Gertz has documented, Clinton was willing to go behind the back of his own Pentagon and collude with the Russians in blocking the development of a U.S. anti-missile system.
  • While the Clinton administration has stopped all development of its own nuclear weapons and is in the process of drawing down America’s existing forces, and while Clinton’s Department of Energy chief ( who is in charge of nuclear weapons development) has publicly assailed America’s “bomb building culture” and declassified information on 204 nuclear tests for the benefit of potentially hostile powers, Russia and China are engaged in a full-scale nuclear arms race to develop and expand their nuclear arsenals. The expressed purpose of these large-scale nuclear buildups is to gain military superiority over the United States.
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