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Hot Post: Newsflash: Journalists Who Don’t Take Themselves Seriously Captured on Film

Posted on October 31 2010 12:00 pm
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"Oswald/Ruby as a Rock Band," 1996 (Adaption by George E. Mahlberg of original 1963 Bob Jackson photo)

Editor’s Note: This popular post was first published on October 27 here.

We bash the MSM a lot here at NewsReal, and for good reason.

The legacy media clings to many now-debunked myths of their own importance. The average person still thinks All the President’s Men is a documentary, that Walter Cronkite convinced LBJ that he’d lost support among middle Americans for the Vietnam War, and that Edward R. Murrow brought down Senator McCarthy.

None of which is true.

However, I just stumbled upon this extremely dark-humored (self) parody, produced by the local newscasters at Dallas FOX 4. This video mocks the MSM’s slightly clueless, awkward embrace of social media trends — which has more to do with them looking “cool” (that is, like dorks) than with truly communicating with their (shrinking) audiences.

The spoof broadcast was created for their fellow journalists, not for public consumption, but appropriately, given its very subject matter, it is going (slowly) viral.

Not everybody in the industry is amused, however. And no matter who you are, not everyone will find video funny, given the subject matter.

Bonus “Yeah, They Went There!” points for the fact that the plot concerns a (completely fictional) shooting in a municipal building in, er, downtown Dallas.

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