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The Top 7 Horror Movies for Conservatives

Posted on October 31 2010 11:00 am
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."

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#6  Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Leftwing interpretations of this film have shadowed it since its inception: “It’s an allegory of McCarthyism!!”

In fact, the film’s principals never agreed on what the message of Invasion of the Body Snatchers really was — or that there was a message at all.

Except for the author of the novel that inspired the movie. You can make it out pretty clearly despite the persistent bizarre leftist editorializing that mars this essay, in which novelist Jack Finney sounds almost like a Kirkian “crunchy con”:

[Jack] Finney was concerned that humans had ceased being the masters of their own inventions and that, even more fundamentally, they had lost the ability to master anything at all. He saw traditional morals and values as victims of a “rush to modernize, bureaucratize, streamline and cellophane-wrap.” Finney’s traditionalism is easily mistaken for anti-Communist rhetoric since McCarthyites used conservatism to battle the evils they felt were destroying America (such as desegregation, Social Security, obscenity, progressive education and liberal Protestantism). Ironically, intellectuals ultimately rejected traditionalism because of its association with McCarthy. Finney attempted to answer the question of survival in a post-war world and believed that true humanness required one to “assert [his] individuality to the fullest, express [his] real feelings, and embrace the human values of pride, dignity, friendship, and love more strongly.”

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