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Joy Behar Stirs the Pot-Maybe Just Enough to Cook Harry Reid’s Goose

Posted on October 29 2010 5:00 pm
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Oh, “The (leftist, Marxist)View”.  The female version of  “The Morton Downy Jr. Show” and “The Jerry Springer Show”, tied with a pink bow of credibility given by the shows’ creator, Barbara Walters. I must admit that I have never watched a full hour of The View. I just can’t get past the idea that a show with two professional comedians isn’t funny at all. Not to mention the fact that for a conservative woman, watching  four way out rocker libs bite into one cute, soft spoken semi-conservative is akin to watching child abuse.

My least favorite cast member of The View is definitely Joy Behar. The fact that her name is Joy is the only funny thing about her. Watching the clips of her tear into Harry Reid’s opponent, Sharron Angle, this week felt like chewing tin foil. Hearing her call Angle a “b****” was the ultimate “takes one to know one” moment. I am left scratching my head with wonder though. Why does this woman still have a job? You can loose it on national T.V., call someone a b****on two different days, condemn them to Hell, AND keep your job? What a country! If I were Juan Williams I would feel completely gypped right now. Oh, that’s right, he insulted Muslims!

Daytime television has always been tawdry but this crosses a line. I can’t help but imagine all of the under five set that learned a new word from Mommy’s show this week. Have American standards of civility really fallen this low? Is the Democrat Party so void of substance that they need female gladiators to pick up their swords to defend them? The fact that Joy was not forced to shriek out some form of an apology, if not to Angle but at least her audience for her gratuitous use of profanity, is more than telling. This goes beyond the liberal double standard, this is proof that NBC has sold their soul to the devils of propaganda and Alinsky take-down tactics.

In contrast, Sharron Angle’s response was America at her best. Sending flowers to Behar as a “Thank you” for the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars that she raised due to the insult was delicious. Joy took the opportunity to dig into Sharron a little deeper by saying “Illegal immigrants picked those flowers and they’re not voting for you b****!”  Um, note to Joy: it’s against the law for illegals to vote in an election.

When I heard Joy say that she should not have used “b****” to refer to Angle because, for her, it is a “term of endearment,” I knew Angle had the last laugh. (Well, technically the first because as I mentioned before, there is nothing funny about The View.)  Joy’s big mouth may come back to bite her “in the end.” Thanks to her potty mouth, Angle may win the Senate seat currently warmed by Harry Reid. Now that’s entertainment!

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