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Under Obama, the United States Falls on the “Integrity” Index

Posted on October 28 2010 6:00 pm
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Tuesday Americans will pass judgment on President Obama’s radical agenda. His name may not be on the ballot but their votes will be a referendum on his policies.

When citizens go to the polls here’s one more tidbit for them to consider.

Transparency International,(TI) a global, “politically non-partisan” network that rates countries according to a corruption index, released its rating list this week. For the first time  the United States failed to make the top 20, falling from number 19 to number 22, its lowest position since the index began.

TI defines corruption as:

the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone  whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.

Nancy Boswell, President of TI in the United States said that there’s “a deficit of integrity” in the country based on the subprime mortgage mess, the economy and the political pay-to-play schemes at the state and federal levels.

The U.S. now stands with Greece, Hungary, Madagascar, Niger and the Czech Republic as nations where “perceptions had deteriorated.”

Almost two years ago, the Americans who voted for Barack Obama must have believed that the new president would take us from number 19 on the TI list to number one, the least corrupt nation on earth. His words on January 20, 2009 certainly held that promise:

And those of us who manage the public’s dollar will be held to account-to spend  wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day.

Now along with the 1.4 trillion deficit, up from 800 billion in October 2008 when Obama took over, we have a “deficit of integrity” in the White House. And how about that transparency and accountability the president ran on?

The 2500-page health care bill was not scheduled for passage “in the light of day” but rather in the dark of night.

Mr. Obama has ushered in radical, Marxist czars like Kevin Jennings and Mark Lloyd without congressional approval.

The $787 billion stimulus package the president promised “to spend wisely” has failed miserably. The near trillion dollars he hustled out of the American people was designed to save and create jobs.  After almost two years even the mainstream media can’t deny the truth. Last Sunday “60 Minutes” challenged the 9.6% national unemployment figure touted by the administration and stated it was closer to 17.5%

As far as reforming “bad habits” the president has exacerbated old ones and added a few more. He vacations, golfs, spends other people’s money and  caters to his cronies as much if not more than his scapegoat, George W Bush.

He’s added race-baiting, suing states like Arizona for adhering to the rule of law, apologizing around the world for the United States’ arrogance, insulting whole police departments and demeaning his office by appearing on  television shows with comedians like Joy Behar and Jon Stewart.

President Obama fraudulently misrepresented himself to those who voted for him. In doing so he has not only added to the trillion dollar deficit but to the nation’s “deficit of integrity” as well. Voters on November 2 would do well to remember that their livelihoods depend on the incorruptibility of those in power.

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