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The David Bossie Interview: Talking Vince Foster’s Suicide, Swift Boat Vets, Conservative Women, & Obama’s Least Favorite Supreme Court Case

Posted on October 28 2010 8:00 pm
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David Bossie is a fascinating guy. He runs Citizens United which makes great conservative movies and was at the center of a crucial Supreme Court Case that dealt with free speech and campaign contributions. But don’t just peg Bossie as a career think tanker; he was also one of the people who investigated Whitewater and the transfer of technology to China during the Clinton years.

What follows is a slightly edited transcript of my interview with David Bossie.

All right, let’s get started. You were involved in an investigation into the transfer of dual use technology to China during the Clinton administration. Talk about that a bit. How damaging was the technology transferred?

There were definitely violations. When I served as chief investigator for Congress we had our hands full investigating the corruption that plagued the Clinton administration. The folks that came with the Clintons into the White House in 1993 from Arkansas and across the country seemed to attract people that were more interested in benefiting themselves and their businesses than they were in benefiting America. So we had the campaign finance investigation which was all about people trying to buy access and foreign money flowing from China — which we proved when over 25 people pled guilty or were found guilty in our investigation.

We had over 100 people take the Fifth Amendment or flee the country in relation to our foreign money investigation. That investigation led us to the dual use technology because it was the leaders of Loral and Hughes’ companies, those huge defense contractors, that used these microchips that then were put in civilian applications here in this country, but it was illegal for them to be sold to China because they could be used for military purposes.

So, there were definitely laws violated. The Clintons and the Justice Department cleaned that up by actually signing executive orders that allowed those companies to do what they did after the fact. So there was no way to prosecute them, but it was a long and interesting case. Back then, we thought that these were the worst of times. These were the worst types of people. And I’d trade Bill Clinton for Barack Obama any day of the week….

Do you think Bill Clinton’s administration was more honest than Barack Obama’s?

Continue reading at Right Wing News.

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