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5 Stages of the Left’s Grief for Obama

Posted on October 28 2010 5:00 pm

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Hussein's Last Stand

Obama's Last Stand

(Crossposted from Sultan Knish)

There are five stages in the grieving process from Denial to Acceptance. American liberals are now moving through their own five stages of dealing with the decline and fall of the myth of Obama. The last time they had invested this much in a politician was the Kennedy Administration, yet there is no assassin’s bullet to explain the fall of Camelot for them here. Instead they have to come to terms with the reality of Obama’s failure.

And this is what their five stages look like.

1. Denial

Obama is the Messiah. He is perfect and can do no wrong. He will usher in a new era, make conservatives and Republicans irrelevant, and assemble the unstoppable machinery of a socialist state that will care for everyone. Progressive legislation will be instantly passed and implemented without delay. The Iraq War will just vanish. All the other wars will too. The world will love Obama, and so will America. The oceans will stop rising and even the most radical anti-war activists will learn to love their country again.

2. Anger

The damn wingnuts are obstructing Obama! Why do we even allow opposition parties? They’re all violent and dangerous bigots. We should put them in jail before they do something. The whole teabagging movement is a bunch of fat Wal-Mart shoppers funded by a vast right wing conspiracy! We are going to roll right over them and nothing is going to stop us! Under Obama’s leadership we’re going to smash the right. We’re going to pass laws, send Limbaugh to jail or give him a heart attack! See Rachel Maddow‘s latest tweet. Olbermann is right. We have to take the fight to them! Under Obama’s leadership, we’ll win!!!

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