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Posted on October 27 2010 11:00 am
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Great news! The invasion of Norway is back on schedule!

All conservatives need to do is win the election this Tuesday then we can start laying the foundation for the Palin Presidency and the corporate takeover of every aspect of our lives that we’ve been trying to achieve for generations! At least that’s what is telling apathetic so-called liberals.

In what may be its most laughable and grossly exaggerated effort since the infamous “General Betrayus” ad, has put together a video ad aimed at awakening young voters from their slumber and out to the polls to support Democrats next week.

The video stars the fetching Olivia Wilde as some kind of rebel leader who contacts us from the future in order to warn us all that American society will crumble unless the Left keeps its hold on power in 2010.

It’s kind of like “The Terminator,” only instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger telling us about shape shifting robots, “13” from House is warning us of Speaker John Boehner and an America where every aspect of our lives is controlled by evil corporations.

This video struck me as a particularly cynical for many reasons. Most striking was the fact that in order to lead young voters to the video, MoveOn posted links that featured the headline “Pamela Anderson and The Situation to Wed.” This is apparently the kind of thing that MoveOn believes that young people are following online instead of paying attention to politics. Maybe they’re right. But, you know what? If you’re spending your time surfing the web for information about the stars of Jersey Shore and needed Olivia Wilde to remind you that there is an enormous election coming up next Tuesday, you should do America a favor and just stay home.

Seriously. If your diet of news and information consists of this tripe and you don’t have the slightest idea what the issues are and what’s at stake in this mid-term, Don’t Vote! These people should not be encouraged. MoveOn just wants warm bodies to fill up the voting booths, because they know that the uninformed are likely to vote for Democrats.

This is a perfect illustration of how the Left views members of Generation Y. They see this demographic as mindless pawns who will believe just about anything as long as they see it on the Internet. They think that many in its ranks can be tricked into voting for Democrats by baiting them with misleading links that lead to apocalyptic warnings of wars and a desolate American landscape where gargantuan, heartless corporations own everyone and everything.

And why shouldn’t they? In 2008 they managed to convince 66% of generation Y to vote for their guy based on clever celebrity ads focusing on undefined promises of “hope.” The only thing that’s changed for 2010 is that “hope” has been replaced with “fear.” But, they still think you’re a total sucker.

Dan Joseph is a conservative journalist and author. He currently writes for CNS and is the author of the newly released book Generation Right: The Young Conservative in the Age of Obama. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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