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Posted on October 25 2010 6:45 am
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Although I normally speak to hundreds of students despite these handicaps, there were only about 50 in MacMillan Hall that night. This was the half-truth. The reason for the poor attendance was that the event had been scheduled on the night of the 6th game of the playoffs between the Boston Red Sox (the “home team” for New England) and the Tampa Bay Rays. The schedule for my speech had been in place before Boston unexpectedly beat Anaheim in the semi-finals. The omission of this not insignificant fact from both the article and the headline was hardly accidental – particularly since the reporter had a “Go Red Sox” sticker on his laptop cover.

So much for the half-truth. The lie in the article headline is that I attacked Islam as a religion. I did say that Islam had some problematic elements, in particular the genocidal saying or hadith attributed to its Prophet which says: “The Day of Judgment will only come when Muslims fight Jews and kill them, when the Jews hide behind the rocks and the trees and the rocks and the trees cry out ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!’” This hadith was a focus of our Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week this fall and therefore an inevitable subject of my talk.

However, throughout my talk and in my discussion of this hadith in particular, I went out of my way to say I was not condemning or attacking or “lambasting” Islam as such. “There are both good Muslims and bad Muslims,” I said repeatedly, “just as there are good Christians and bad Christians and good Jews and bad Jews.” I went further. I pointed out that at a speech I gave at the University of Virginia the night before (attended by about 200 students) there were 30 or so Muslim students in the audience, who so identified themselves when I asked for a show of hands. I asked for the show of hands after a Muslim student questioned whether the Prophet had ever said such a thing. When I asked, the student said she had never heard of this famous hadith. I then asked for the Muslim show of hands and whether any of them had heard of this hadith. None of them had.

This genocidal hadith is not incidental to the Islamo-fascist jihad which was the subject of my talk. It is written into the Hamas charter and is obviously a motivating force behind the genocidal agendas of Hizbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime. I used the classroom “teaching moment” provided by the Muslim students present to illustrate the fact that there were Muslims who were innocent of these agendas. I repeated for the Brown students my belief that probably the overwhelming majority of Muslims was innocent of those agendas, and not part of the Islamic jihad.

Yet the Daily Herald article accuses me of attacking Islam and provides “evidence” of same which will be used on numerous Islamist and leftist websites where I am being maligned as one of the nation’s top “Islamophobes.”

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