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Bye-Bye Public Funding for NPR

Posted on October 25 2010 2:00 pm
Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in the Muslim country Senegal, in West Africa. She is a retired psychotherapist and author of mystery novels set in Kenya. Her political writing has focused on Islamic facism, liberal and Jewish victim psychology and the Nazi connection to the modern jihadi movement.

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NPR has underestimated Bill O’Reilly

The insulting and unjust firing of Juan Williams by NPR has a bright side for those of us who have been paying attention for years to the abuse of journalistic privilege by the nation’s public radio station.  Sooner or later, those who abuse power go too far, take on an adversary not as helpless as their usual opponents, and go down.  Juan Williams and Bill O’Reilly will not be bullied.  Bye-bye public funding for NPR.

NPR acted the typical leftist bully in more than half a dozen appalling ways:

  • Recklessly calling a black man a bigot is like calling a Jew a Nazi – it is an insult designed not only to defame, but to diminish the insights Williams has into true bigotry.   Calling an opponent the exact opposite of who and what they are  is modus operandi among leftist thought police: the Tea Party is astroturf, not a true grassroots movement, the Israelis are trying to seize Arab land when it is the Arabs trying to grab Israel, and Williams is a bigot.
  • Personal defamation is another favorite left-wing tactic.  The goal is to silence and intimidate.  The leftist slander that President Bush was a liar succeeded spectacularly for them.  NPR will not be so successful in vilifying Juan Williams.   In reality, Williams is  an expert on bigotry – author of the bestselling Eyes on the Prize – America’s Civil Rights Years – so this insult was also a personal attack on his greatest accomplishments.  As Williams says,

    “This is the most ridiculous thing because then, the people at NPR and others, they take this one statement and they somehow make it out that I am a bigot,” Williams said. “I mean it’s unbelievable to me given the books that I’ve written, the things I have done in my life. And now all of a sudden I’m a bigot.”

  • Black is white and white is black in the ideological world of NPR leftists.  The purported cause for summary dismissal was Williams’ comment about feeling nervous when he sees people in Muslim garb when he boards a plane – but Williams was using this admission to make the point that one must not  make such generalizations or fall into bigotry, any more than you would blame Christians for  Timothy McVeigh.  NPR fired him only by twisting the point of his statement 180 degrees.
  • The way Williams was fired exposed the Left’s punitive wrath towards those who don’t obey.  It was both mean and disrespectful.  Williams has a ten year career at NPR, in which he has done much to boost the stature of the station.  They did not have the decency to fire him face to face or allow him any self-defense.  He was summarily fired by a cell phone call, by his immediate boss, who pleaded she was just passing on the edict from NPR CEO Vivian Schiller.  Williams reported on Fox News:

    “I said, ‘You mean I don’t even get the chance to come in and we do this eyeball-to-eyeball, person-to-person, have a conversation? I’ve been there more than 10 years.”

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