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DC Comics Throws Wonder Woman to the Islamic Wolves

Posted on October 24 2010 11:00 am
Bosch Fawstin is an Eisner Award nominated cartoonist currently working on a graphic novel, The Infidel, of which the first chapter is now available as a digital comic. Bosch's first graphic novel is Table for One. He is also the author of ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad, a companion to The Infidel, and the 1st print appearance of Pigman.

Super-powered Muslims wouldn’t stone Wonder Woman.

They’d boulder her.

This is the second of my three-part cartoon response to DC Comics allowing Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to be used by a Muslim comic book publisher in order to sell Islam as something it’s not. Check out my first one featuring Superman.

Today is Wonder Woman Day, a yearly event that celebrates the character, as well as promoting a charity that benefits domestic violence programs. I would imagine that there is at least one individual at DC Comics who knows that he’s helping promote one of the most misogynistic ideologies in history. An ideology which sees women as a necessary evil, since they’re the only ones who can give birth to baby boys. An ideology that causes even the least devout Muslims to mourn the birth of a baby girl.  Some of you may know that Wonder Woman recently had a costume change; her new costume just happens to be more Islamically correct than that in which we’re used to seeing her. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if her costume was tweaked in order to avoid The 99 from being scandalized in the Muslim world by their appearing with Wonder Woman in her usual costume, especially since some of the 99 female members are dressed in full-on burkas.

Until The 99 are unleashed against jihad, there’s no reason to believe that this comic is anything other than Islamic propaganda, and DC Comics is in on it.

My own response to jihad in this post-9/11 world  is Pigman, check him out at my blog.

Next: Batman

Editor’s Note: For previous Fawstin cartoon in response to NPR’s firing of Juan Williams please click below:

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  1. October 24, 2010

    I never considered that Wonder Woman's costume change could be a concession to Muslims. I simply dismissed the new outfit as another cheap marketing stunt.

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    October 25, 2010

    Since this team-up was announced last summer, since it's a 6 issue series, and since Wonder Woman's new costume was publicly revealed only a few months ago, I have a strong suspicion, because of the timing of it all, that there was an order from on high to cover her up in time for this IslamiComic.

  3. October 25, 2010

    I've been a fan of comics for a loooong time. My personal collection goes back to the mid-70's and I'm sure that some store is waiting for me to put it up for auction. However, I have made the decision to stop buying the huge pile of books I usually get every month. It started with an issue of Captain America where tea party folks were denigrated. Then it was the use of Nazis, in modern day America, as the major threat to the world by DC, Marvel and other companies. They've also used white supremacists and rednecks. But no islamic fundamentalists. The left-wing slant in the industry has turned this man, who was an NCO for 20 years in the USAF and who has a BA in Arabic (do the math), right off. I'm voting with my wallet. Buh-bye DC, Marvel & others. One more thing…isn't one of of Batman's major villians called Ra's Al-Ghul, Arabic for Head Of The Demon?

    • October 25, 2010

      I stopped reading comics from Marvel or DC nearly a decade ago. If I read old comics, I have a rule to never read anything from Marvel or DC post-2000. One reason was what I saw as a huge decline in the quality of writing. Another was that it became liberalized — yes, even all the way back then. It's just gotten a helluva lot worse lately. And surprisingly, Batman's Arabic nemesis Ra's al-Ghul was created by the uber-liberal Denny O'Neil. More surprisingly is that I never once realized he was a liberal when reading any of the old Batman stories he wrote, but that's because he had respect for the character. Modern comic book writers, however, just say "to hell with it" and make the characters how they want them.

      Case in point, Captain America. In the early issues of The New Avengers, he states that he doesn't believe Wolverine should be allowed into the Avengers because he kills people. Well, what the hell was Cap doing during WWII — was he selling lemonade? Here you have this guy who so believes in America and in the ideals it was founded upon that he tried to join the Army despite his frailty, and when he wasn't fit for service he volunteered for an experimental super-soldier program. I'm pretty goddamn sure he killed Nazis, and not just a few of 'em. But modern comic book writers have no respect for the good stories that came before. That's why Iron Man was turned into a fascist/Communist/totalitarian for Civil War, and before that, a liberal in Iron Man: Extremis which totally ignored the entire history of Iron Man.

      Thank God the movies haven't been changed too much to be like the new stuff and not like the old stuff. I'll take a slightly-too-humorous-and-irreverent-but-still-faithful-to-the-character RDJ Tony Stark over intellectually-challenged-liberal Tony Stark any day of the week. Though I would've liked IM2 to be more serious and less jokey… it's still a lot better than if he were all "ALL WEAPONS ARE BAD BAD BAD" while blowing stuff up in his POWERED-SUIT OF ARMOR. It's OK for him to destroy suits based on stolen Iron Man specs, but c'mon… the armor itself is a weapon, and essentially everything can be used as a weapon.

      Forgot something… if anyone in the world thinks that Batman would be cool with the 99, they are out of their minds. Batman doesn't even trust fellow Justice Leaguers, people who've saved the world before, because they have the potential to go rogue and several have in the past. The REAL Batman would be highly suspicious of the 99, keep tabs on all of them, and question whether they were potentially adherents to radical Islam. And Wonder Woman… ooooh, don't even get me started on Wonder Woman. As a feminist, a REAL feminist I mean, Wonder Woman wouldn't want a single goddamn thing to do with the Islamofascist 99. Superman… well, depending on how seriously you take, Superman *might* be cool with these creeps, but it's highly unlikely that the real Superman would be more than simply an "acquaintance" to the 99.

  4. October 25, 2010

    "her new costume just happens to be more Islamically correct than that in which we’re used to seeing her."

    DC (Warner Communications) has resisted changes to the costume in the past because the money in Wonder Woman is in the licensing. Thecostume is needed for the 'brand'.

    The comic book generally loses money but the character of Wonder Woman makes money through licensing the image (the traditional costume) for pajamas, toys, etc.

    The change in costume means one of two things: (i) a new licensing source ( a movie) is about to emerge that will make the new costume a licensing money-maker or (ii) the company is deciding to lose the only source of profits they have on the characyer in the interest of a non-business purpose.

    Maybe someone should talk to the editors at DC and find out.

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    October 25, 2010

    I doubt DC would ever cop to it if they did

  6. October 25, 2010

    Here is another answer to the 99:

  7. October 25, 2010

    When honest efforts to change Islam's regard of Muhammad as a perfect, timeless example of human behavior, then maybe I could get behind something as gimmicky and superficial as Muslim comic books.

    Ignoring the 'bad' parts of Islam is disastrous – when Muslims become 'more religious', when they turn to their faith for support during tough times, they find a violent, hateful, totalitarian version of Islam, that many times was kept from them when they were just going through the motions. My guess is they conclude this is the 'true' Islam, since it's right there in the texts, and they've never heard any arguments to refute Bin Laden, the Taliban, Al Qaradawi, et al.

    Rather than hiding the mass murder motivating aspects of Islam behind glossy comic books, they need to be agressively confronted and debated. Muslims who believe their Islam is different than the Islam of Bin Laden and Al-Qaradawi need to explain, in detail, using Islamic texts (not comics), WHY and HOW it's different, write it down, call that the TRUE Islam, and declare Bin Laden and his ilk apostates. I'm not holding my breath.

  8. October 26, 2010

    I forgot who the original author is but what I heard goes something like this: A radical muslim will drag a Christian into a stadium and hack off the Christian's head while braying to allah. A moderate muslim sits in the stands and watches.

  9. October 26, 2010

    Hey, Wonder Woman could handle 99 Muslim jihadis without breaking a sweat. After all, she has an invisible airplane.

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