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Top 10 Things Leftists Like (aka Stuff Leftist People Like #1-10)

Posted on October 23 2010 4:00 pm
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#3: Paraconstitutional Activity

Forget “Paranormal Activity”—we’ve got a horror show going on right in our own government:

•    Taking over the nation’s largest car companies and banks by tempting them with bailout funds, then tightening the noose and micromanaging them from Washington

•    Forcing taxpayers to guarantee virtually all U.S. mortgages and sticking a $5 trillion tab to people who paid their mortgages on time

•    Capping executive pay for banks that took bailout money and monitoring executive pay for banks that didn’t take TARP funds

•    Imposing cap-and-trade regulations to restrict and tax citizens’ energy use

•    Paying car owners to destroy their used automobiles and buy new ones

•    Taking over the U.S. health care system and nationalizing the student loan system

•    Nominating a Supreme Court justice who believes in ignoring the equal protection offered under the law and considers race and gender in her rulings

•    Threatening to violate free speech by regulating the Internet and talk radio to ensure “balanced” views and prevent “irresponsible” content

•    Attacking a private news organization for criticizing the administration and threatening its freedom of the press by shutting it out of White House interviews

•    Appointing dozens of unaccountable czars to set policy while circumventing Congress’s approval

•    Engaging in massive, unprecedented deficit spending to stimulate the economy

Does the suspense of anticipating what leftists will try to do to us ever end?

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