Indonesia’s Moderate Islam Remarkably Similar to Wahabbi Extremist Islam

Posted on October 23 2010 11:00 am
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Recently, there have been some  living in Indonesia who tell me that:

Islam came to the new lands (Indonesia)in a different form and changed further. It first appeared in Indonesia for instance in the tenth century (sic) around 650 years (sic) at least before the regressive influences of Wahabb, and this is part of the reason why the Islam there is so different from the Islam that has become the popular conception of the non-Muslim world; an Islam that is new and in fact in its fundamentalist form that the terrorists pervert, a modern invention. (In actual fact Islam only appeared in Indonesia as an organised and recognised religion in the 15th century with the Sultanate of Malacca, 600 years ago.)

Islam does not of itself seek to take over the world and produce a caliphate. That was another part of the modernity that is mistaken for ancient Islam (the talk endlessly is of the ‘seventh century barbaric religion of a warlord etc’).

The concept of a modern worldwide caliphate started with the political aims of the Muslim Brotherhood; with Qutb and others. Qutb was executed in Egypt in the 60’s (modern or not?). His perversion of Wahabb’s conservatism has been taken further by people like the Deobandi and Bin Laden. All modern stuff.”

Implying to me that Indonesian Islam is different from that of the Arabian Peninsular Islam. That Islam in Indonesia is a benign form of Islam. This contradicts everything that I know of Islam. So I am suggesting that many Indonesians do not have any depth of understanding of the philosophy of their religion. Today, I read the following in the papers and my doubts are again aroused:

“Indonesia has admitted that the men seen torturing Papuan villagers …are members of the (Indonesian) military.”

Shocking images have emerged showing some of the villages burnt to the ground by Indonesian security forces operating in the Puncak Jaya region of the West Papua highlands.

The photos clearly show the devastating effects that the sweeping operations have had, with villages burnt to the ground by Indonesian troops. Hundreds of people including women and children remain in hiding in the forests of the region, as Indonesian military operations against the indigenous Papuan population intensify. Livestock and crops have also been destroyed meaning those left are now hungry, with no shelter.

(Papuans are mostly Christians, animists, and ancestor worshippers, and thus infidels in the eyes of Islam. Indonesian soldiers are Muslim, and therefore Papuans are infidels, to be killed and exterminated. So basically, the Indonesian army is persecuting mercilessly the infidel Papuans to eliminate a non-Muslim people.)

So on the one hand the Indonesian rhetoric is filled with talk about a peaceful Islam, but in practice they are no better than the Wahhabis who are in charge of Saudi Arabia, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Underneath the facade, Indonesian Islam appears equally brutal and merciless to infidels. As we have seen more often: In Islam there is only one Allah, one Qur’an… and one Islam.

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