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Youth of America Unite; You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Country

Posted on October 22 2010 11:00 am

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By now, President Obama’s appearance at an MTV, BET, and CMT sponsored townhall meeting on Oct. 14, and its now infamous casting call for “diversity,” has gone down in the hoary annals of modern pop media agitprop as a classic of it kind and will no doubt soon be forgotten, but what should not be forgotten is the deeply incestuous relationship between the modern news media, entertainment media and the Democratic party (call it the Washington – Media Industrial Complex) that so colors contemporary society and spreads a dense, obfuscatory cloud of what R. Emmet Tyrell, Jr. has termed Kultursmog across the entire intellectual and political landscape.

Those who did not live through the sixties and early seventies era, or who have not studied it as history, may not remember that among the various movements (or sub-movements of “the movement”) that arose during this era was the “youth revolution”, which was a strong motive force in the earlier years of the sixties’ cultural revolution.

The youth revolution wasn’t about the normal, and sometimes stormy developmental stage of identity formation, individuation, and rebellion against parental authority that most youth pass through as a normal stage in the movement from adolescence to adulthood. No, it was about a thorough renunciation of adulthood itself and the casting of youth as a tribal subculture with its own values and interests, separate from those of adults, and disdainful of the  “plastic”, “phony”, “shallow” values of their parents (the WWII era generation) and their “hang-ups”, “up-tight” attitudes, and repression of natural inclinations, especially those of a sexual nature.

An ideal arose within this ideology that ennobled an ethos of retreat from the world of work, responsibility, commitment and personal restraint, and glorified the emotional, the experiential, the cathartic, and the psychological diffidence to, if not rejection of, the body of values, attitudes, habits and perspectives long associated with being a mature member of a civil social order, at least in a free, rule of law based society.  Timothy Leary’s maxim that one should “Tune, in, turn on, and drop out” of the surrounding culture captured the essence of the mindset.

While the youth revolution is an artifact of recent social history, its attitudes and ideological assumptions live on, as does much else of that era, as simply our “culture”; as the natural social and cultural order of things recent generations have inherited from the past.  Hence, President Obama feels after the MTV and post – MTV (post – Generation X) generation with particular intensity.

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