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Hollywood Celebutards are Melting Down Faster Than the Arctic Peninsula

Posted on October 21 2010 4:00 pm

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While Keanu Reeves’ version of the extraterrestrial Klaatu of the original Day the Earth Stood Still threatens to destroy the earth, not because of our incessant war making (as in the original), but because of our modern industrial economies and the pollution of the environment they cause, the fear of melting down grows in Hollywood, be it personal or environmental.

Its been a good couple of years for Tinsel Town Progressives.  With Obama in office, a filibuster-proof House and Senate, and the progressive agenda virtually unopposed at the executive, legislative and judicial levels of national government, the Hollywood Left has felt freer than ever to do what it tends to do best: produce endless examples of facile propaganda and congratulate themselves for dong so.

Look, the world’s going their way at the moment; economic collapse, vast private wealth destruction, the nationalization of major industries, the de facto nationalization of much of the banking and housing mortgage industry; the evisceration of national defense, America’s president bowing and apologizing to third world thugs who surprisingly haven’t formed a line outside the White House for the privilege, socialized medicine and the prospect of the EPA regulating American economic activity back into the early 20th century.  In all this progressive activity, Hollywood’s leftist intelligentsia has not stood on the sidelines as passive observers of present trends.

David Arquette ready to defend California from the Satanic gases

Now, actor , producer and writer David Arquette has just released a new video that,eerily enough (perhaps because this is just following natural leftist inclinations), continues the attitudinal and emotional approach of the environmental group 10:10s recent foray into Leninist and Stalinist fantasies of the uprooting and extermination of “deviationist” thought from the surrounding culture with their gory, Logan’s Run-like ad featuring the killing of politically incorrect adults and children with explosive charges.

One would think that, given the overwhelmingly negative reaction the ad has received, Hollywood leftists would think twice about producing an ad that, not so subtly, insinuates the threat of physical violence and casts the conflict between pro and anti Prop 23 supporters as one of criminals vs. heroic enforcers of law and order, to persuade viewers to support the ideological agenda of the Left.  Not to let 10:10 steal the entire show, however, Arquette now appears in an anti Prop 23 short done in the style of a big budget summer action blockbuster.

Arquette is seated in a chair, obviously having been roughed up a bit, while dark suited thugs resembling the classic movie drug lord’s henchmen, circle him like predatory animals.  Presently, text and an arrow appear to the side of one of the thugs identifying him as “Texas oil”.  Another arrow Identifies Arquette as “California”.  One punk then slaps Arquette across the face, and asks him, “So, are you going to vote yes on Prop 23?”  Arquette responds with a determined “no”, breaking his bonds and thrashing the thugs soundly using martial arts techniques and Matrixesque frozen aerial acrobatics.

As Arquette prepares to exit the scene, large text appears on the screen exclaiming, “Don’t mess with California”.

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