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Stanley Kurtz: To Alinskyite Community Organizers, Deception Is Key

Posted on October 20 2010 10:00 am
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Alinskyite community organizers (like Barack Obama was) deliberately conceal their socialist beliefs in order to pass themselves off as mainstream, according to author Stanley Kurtz. In other words, community organizers lie for a living.

Kurtz was promoting his new book Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism on Sean Hannity’s TV show.

Kurtz said:

Well, Sean, the big picture first is that there is almost a kind of conveyor belt running from socialist activism to community organizing to electoral politics. Obama was riding that conveyor belt.

But the reason people don’t understand that is that community organizers very intentionally keep their socialism secret. So what the book does is expose and explain the socialist background of community organizing and I used that to explain Barack Obama’s entire political career. [emphasis added]

Exactly. ACORN leaders and other radical community organizers typically refuse to be labeled as socialists because they realize the term carries with it a negative connotation in American culture. They much prefer to seduce Americans with words like fairness and equitable.

Watch it:

This healthy, uniquely American aversion to socialism also helps to explain why left-wingers are often unwilling to be classified as left-wingers. For decades they were liberals. Then they realized the public didn’t like liberals so they started calling themselves progressives even though the term used to have connotations of “socialist” or even “communist.”

Kurtz also reveals new evidence that Obama is a socialist -gasp!- an accusation that Republican leaders (foolishly) shied away from during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Hannity said “60 percent of the American people view him as socialist. Were we right?” Here’s Kurtz’s reply:

You were absolutely right, Sean. Frankly, I was nervous about the socialism charge myself. When I started researching Barack Obama’s history after two years probing the archives, I realized that you and all the people who said he was socialist were absolutely right.


The transcript for the show is here if you want to read more.

P.S. Mark Meed had an excellent post yesterday on the Tides Foundation and Glenn Beck.

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