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President Obama’s Shameful Kow-Towing To The Muslim World

Posted on October 20 2010 2:00 pm

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Despite his sensible campaign against political correctness when it comes to telling the truth about Islamic ideology and terrorism, Bill O’Reilly is wrong to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt for his shameful kow-towing to the Muslim world.

Since Obama has taken office, he has gone out of his way to apologize to the Muslim world for America’s supposed wrong-doing. Obama has used his bully pulpit as President of the United States to legitimize the false Islamic narrative of misunderstood victimhood.

To make amends for America’s past “arrogance,” Obama has pledged to ease up on security restrictions intended to prevent Islamic charities from serving as fronts for funding terrorist organizations, has defended the sponsors of the Ground Zero Mosque, has supported providing foreign Islamic terrorist suspects with full constitutional rights, has refused to link al Qaeda terrorists with Islamic ideology and has even invited radical Muslims to dinner at the White House.

If diplomacy is the reason for Obama’s kow-towing since he took office, it is not working.

Obama has pursued, without success, his policy of unconditional negotiations with the thugs running the Islamic Republic of Iran, while essentially turning his back on the millions of dissidents who risked their lives to protest last year’s stolen election.

Iran is closer than ever to achieving a nuclear arms capability and is being rewarded with high level United Nations positions, participation in the Afghanistan peace talks and the presidency of OPEC next year. The 56 nation Organization of Islamic Conference has come out in support of Iran’s nuclear program.

In Iraq, the hard-fought victory produced by the Bush surge policy is being squandered by this administration. According to a report in The New York Times last Sunday, for example,  hundreds or more former Sunni fighters who had renounced al Qaeda and joined the Awakening Councils have now rejoined al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Seven months after parliamentary elections, Iraq still lacks a government, unless you want to count the one being formed by Nuri Kamal al-Maliki who has traveled to Tehran to seek the support of Iran’s fanatical  mullahs.

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