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Mythbusters: A Few Things President Obama Might Want to Clarify After He’s Done With Archimedes

Posted on October 19 2010 2:00 pm
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Barack Obama with the Mythbusters

President Obama, fresh from his meticulously constructed townhall show of October 13 and his recent New Orleans townhall meeting meltdown, is scheduled for a segment of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. He will reportedly “bust” the myth that the ancient mathematician, inventor, and engineer Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) destroyed an invading fleet of Roman warships using rays of the sun amplified through a network of mirrors.

While there may be little doubt as to the mythic nature of Archimedes’ heat ray, it might serve Obama well to bust a few more myths that he, especially as our second Black president, should see as his responsibility to the benighted to set aright.

Given the state of our public schools, as well as higher education in American, President Obama could do the entire body politic a great service by using the show, and his well noted penchant for long-winded verbosity, to educate Americans on several subjects of deep import. This goes especially for inner city blacks struggling with intellectually flimsy public schools.

1.  Not only did Archimedes not invent a deadly heat ray several centuries before Christ, but ancient black Africans likewise were tribal people. They lived overwhelmingly between hunter-gatherer and settled, agrarian technological levels – including some complex urban settlements, of a kind common to the ancient world. They did not invent or use similar technologies that were subsequently “stolen” by the ancient Greeks, and later Caucasian peoples.

2.  There is no evidence the ancient Egyptians were, genetically speaking, pure blooded black Africans.

3.  Self esteem, success, a rich, successful life, and personal happiness come from personal achievement, which comes itself from preparation, sacrifice, study, and hard work; not from living vicariously through myths of the alleged glories of past civilizations.

4.  These same core principles are the origin of all wealth, not government redistributive activity, which consumes created wealth, but generates none in its place.

5.  It is primarily culture, not white racial oppression, which is the fundamental barrier and key element to indigenous American blacks’ full realization of their potential as Americans.

6.  A Harvard Law School degree, a few years community organizing, and a few years as a Senator  is not an adequate substitute for either serious administrative and executive experience, or a deep and broad knowledge that can only come through a truly liberal arts education comprised of subjects such as history, economics, political economy, and the origin and nature of our own political system.

While president Obama is busting Archimedes, perhaps he might take a few moments to bust Leonard Jefferies, James Cone, Cornell West, and Jeremiah Wright.

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