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An Expert Weighs in on Young “Genius” Who Claims Writings on Child Sex Were Just Jokes

Posted on October 19 2010 4:00 pm

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The controversy surrounding Alex Knepper continues.

After reading the recent post by David Swindle and Jenn Q. Public on Knepper’s apparent taste for sex with young people, I wrote a post of my own in response. I said in that post that reading about the controversy made me feel right at home because, for the last seven years, I have devoted my life (in law enforcement) to tracking down sexual predators, sexual abusers of children, and collectors and disseminators of child sexual abuse imagery (more commonly known as child pornography).

But the original post I wrote became stale with the passage of a few days. Knepper was defended in the case by David Frum of the Frum Forum: Frum, among other things, accused NRB of a witch-hunt in Knepper’s case, but “mysteriously” fired Knepper from his own blog. Then, Swindle rebutted the Frum piece bit by bit. Most recently, Right Wing News picked up on the controversy and contacted Knepper, putting the case directly to him. In this piece, they gave Knepper an opportunity to respond and he did so, saying (and I’m paraphrasing) that the whole thing was a joke—that the whole litany of child sexual fantasies, Internet posts and poems about sex with children was all just an attempt at humor.

Reading those Internet posts by Knepper, most of which are tagged with the screen name “lostpainting,” I got the feeling that this poster thinks of himself as unique; further, that he considers himself a prodigy of sorts. In short, he’s smarter than the rest of us. But there’s nothing unique (or prodigious) about the language (or the mentality) espoused in these posts. Rather, “lostpainting/Knepper” shows an in-print mentality similar to that of the preferential sex offender, and he does so by using the same hackneyed language common to all of them. Further, his rationalization for his actions (which employs convoluted logic that is neither original nor persuasive) is classic sex offender thinking.

“Rape isn’t lethal, so victims have no business calling themselves ‘survivors’.”

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