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This Will Be The GOP’s Best Chance To Reach Black Americans For A Generation

Posted on October 18 2010 8:00 pm
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That title runs directly counter to conventional wisdom, doesn’t it? After all, the Democrats just elected a black President who has a 90% approval rating with black Americans. Moreover, the false cries of racism are ever present these days. So how in the world could this be the GOP’s best chance in a generation to reach black Americans?

Simple answer to that question: Human nature.

One of the little oddities that you pick up from being a history buff is that surprisingly, great social movements often don’t occur when the people are relentlessly oppressed. They simply don’t have the energy to pursue it then. They also don’t come when the population is fat and happy. Ideas may be formulated then, but people are usually not restless enough to get on the bandwagon.

Instead, great social movements tend to catch fire after people start to have hope for the future and then come to feel like that hope has been thwarted or at least isn’t coming fast enough. Two examples: The Soviet Union collapsed AFTER they began to reform. Then there’s the civil rights movement in America, which came about after positive changes had started occurring, but didn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

That brings us to Barack Obama.

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