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Howard Dean Caught Lying About George Soros’s Funding Of His Presidential Campaign

Posted on October 18 2010 10:00 am
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Howard Dean told a whopper on Face the Nation, denying that George Soros, the preeminent funder of the American left, had helped his ill-fated 2004 presidential campaign financially. (hat tip: Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters; source of funny doctored photo above:

The lie came in a discussion with Dean and Liz Cheney about the left’s demonstably false allegation that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been pouring oceans of foreign money into the 2010 election cycle. David Axelrod, now a top Obama White House advisor, cooked up a similar scheme in 2008 to fight a utility increase, according to the Washington Examiner.

Here’s part of the transcript from the NewsBusters post:

LIZ CHENEY: Well, it’s a worse cycle from your perspective I’m sure Governor Dean because of the massive amounts of– of money, because the Republicans are able to mobilize more money than the Democrats. George Soros–

HOWARD DEAN (overlapping): From people like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch.

CHENEY (overlapping): George Soros–

DEAN: We don’t want the right wing buying elections.

CHENEY (overlapping): You just want the left wing–

DEAN: And that’s what’s going on here.

CHENEY (overlapping): You just want the left wing buying elections?

DEAN (overlapping): We don’t want anybody buying elections.

CHENEY (overlapping): I mean George Soros started all of this with–

DEAN (overlapping): I know McCain-Feingold, they weren’t able buy elections.

CHENEY (overlapping): –which was a big backer of yours, Governor Dean. So I think that, you know–

DEAN (overlapping): Who was a big backer of mine?

CHENEY: George Soros,

DEAN (overlapping): No he wasn’t. No he wasn’t a big–

CHENEY: Governor Dean, I think that the notion–

DEAN (overlapping): –neither– neither was, as a matter of fact, just to
set the record straight.

As Noel Sheppard points out Soros gave $1000 to Dean for America. In 2003 the Washington Post reported Soros pledged up to $5 million to to derail George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. The Federal Election Commission website disclosed $2.5 million Soros donated to the Voter Fund through March 2004.

MoveOn’s own website still displays a Dean campaign page along with a link to a now defunct “Contribute to the Dean campaign” page.

And contrary to left-wing propaganda, the Chamber isn’t exactly a hotbed of pro-free market activism which is why Michelle Malkin won’t give it money (though she denounces the White House’s tactics). Although the Chamber is obviously pro-business, like many trade associations it hedges its bets: it endorsed Democrats in the current election cycle and has supported plenty of big government policy initiatives, which makes it a strange target for Democrats to focus on. The outrageous attacks prompted Glenn Beck to give $10,000 to the Chamber and urge his radio listeners to follow suit. “I would like to have this [be] the largest day of fundraising for the Chamber of Commerce ever,” Beck said.

“Let’s break all records. Let’s show these people that we actually believe in something different than what Barack Obama and Joe Biden are saying,” he said, after saying the Chamber is “fighting” for small businesses and being demonized by the Obama White House. “They are us,” said Beck of the Chamber. “Put your money where you mouth is.”

It worked. The Chamber reported the same day that Beck’s appeal led to a record-breaking day for Chamber donations.

As happens more often, conservatives are honest about whom they donate money to (and from whom they receive it), while progressive lie and deceive to hide the truth from the public.

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