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A John Galt Running for Congress: NRB Interviews Republican Candidate for Congress Stephen Bailey

Posted on October 18 2010 2:00 pm

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NRB: How do you feel about the Christian Right and Social Conservatism in the Republican Party?

SB: My district may or may not be representative of the entire country. Also, the particulars of this election year has the focus on economic, not social issues which may also be influencing my experience. I have found that the vast majority of Republicans at a grass roots level agree with me on:

Immigration: I call for a rational immigration policy that screens everyone coming into the country to keep out criminals, terrorists and those infected with communicable diseases. Once in this country, immigrants must not become a burden on society. If they become dependent, then they will be deported. If they demonstrate, over a significant period of time that they did come here to live an independent life, then they will be eligible for citizenship.

I have not met anyone that is xenophobic and anti-immigration. They are anti-illegal immigration and resent the burden that immigrants are placing on society.

On gay issues: I find that most Republicans are reacting to an activist social agenda. For example, they don’t want their 4th grader reading about Tammy having two mommies or daddies. However, the vast majority of Republicans acknowledge that the Constitution protects all of our rights equally and that what 2 consenting adults do is there business.

I also find good response when I point out that, if not for tax laws, gay marriage and civil unions would not be a federal issue. I emphasize that I want to spend my time and energy fighting for a simple flat tax and not providing yet another targeted tax break for some people.

Abortion: This is the most divisive issue in the country. There is a fundamental disconnect between those who believe rights apply to a fetus and those who believe rights don’t apply until you have a separate individual. There is no way to reconcile these conflicting positions. I have been able to point out the logical consequences of both positions with some success. However, people rarely change their position on this issue.

In general, I find the Christian Right to be more supportive of freedom and individual responsibility than the left. The Democrat party has shown that it is now thoroughly dominated by committed socialist, communist statists. Their desire for absolute power is naked and uncompromising. They have shown that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The most eye-opening aspect of running for office is that you find the vast majority of people support freedom, liberty and limited government in general. However, the majority of those people have their exceptions – yes, people should be free, except that it is really bad when people do ; therefore, the government must step in to protect those people and our society, culture, etc.

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