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NewsReal Interview: Carly Fiorina on the Issues

Posted on October 16 2010 8:00 am
Elise Cooper is a freelance author focusing on the conservative point of view on issues involving national and homeland security. Her articles have been published by various conservative blogs, magazines and Republican newsletters.

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Because of California’s economic and budgetary problems, 77 percent (89 percent among Republicans) polled believe the state is headed in the wrong direction. Reuters latest poll shows that “Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer’s lead over Republican Carly Fiorina among likely voters in California is only one point, 46 percent to 45 percent.” Fiorina, the former head of HP, who is the Republican nominee for Senator, discussed some key issues with NewsRealBlog.

NewsRealBlog: The War on Terror is called an Intelligence War. How should we combat this war and defeat terrorism?

Carly Fiorina: Terrorism threatens our families, our communities and our country. It threatens our way of life and the foundations of what makes this country great. Operating from bases in failing states and countries ruled by dangerous dictatorships, terrorists have been able to use globalization, modern technology and our very freedoms against us to establish deadly networks of global reach. In order to defeat these networks, the U.S. must break down the silos of our government and use all available tools to keep us safe. Terrorists want to attack us again, and they are actively seeking the means to carry out their objectives. Our intelligence officers are on the front lines of stopping these terrorists before they can attack by getting better information, foiling plots and providing us with the vital information we need to stay safe.

NRB: Many people are losing their jobs to technology and outsourcing. Do you think Barbara Boxer’s support of the Democratic agenda hurts job creation?

Fiorina: The reality is that, in the 21st century, almost any job can be done from anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s so important that we fight for every single American job, that means both creating new jobs here at home and bringing jobs back from overseas. I think the most pressing issue is to create California jobs, without which trainees will have nowhere to work after completing their programs. Unfortunately, thanks to the job-killing policies Barbara Boxer has championed during her 28 years in Washington, job creation is being stifled by higher and higher taxes and thicker and thicker regulations.

NRB: What would you do to bring jobs back to America and California?

Fiorina: Besides calling for lower taxes and less regulation on our nation’s job creators overall, I’ve also specifically proposed lowering the tax rate on repatriated corporate profits for businesses that re-invest those profits in capital equipment and job creation here in the United States. I’ve also called for the creation of Jobs for Americans Zones, which are selected geographic areas throughout the country where targeted, substantial federal tax benefits, including a 10-year tax holiday for facilities repatriated from overseas, will help lure jobs back to America.

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