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Even Untouchable Valerie Is Feeling the PC Heat

Posted on October 16 2010 11:00 am
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“Lifestyle choice” is one of THE singularly most offensive terms to gays,”according to a commenter on Politico. A ‘”lifestyle choice is buying a loft style condo and shopping at Whole Foods and driving a Prius, NOT being gay!”

On Wednesday one of the Left’s own uttered the highly charged, unpolitically correct “lifestyle choice” in reference to a young, gay teen who tragically committed suicide. None other than the Obamas’ prime mover, Valerie Jarrett, insulted the whole gay community in a ‘macaca’ moment.

From Politico:

These are good people. They were aware that their son was gay; they embraced him, they loved him, they supported his lifestyle choice.

The report then stated that “blogger Michael Petrelis slammed Jarrett…accusing her of “taking talking points from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council,” a socially conservative organization that condemns homosexuality.”

It wasn’t long before the rest of the leftist media followed Petrelis’ lead and condemned Jarrett forcing her to issue a follow-up apology. The teen’s mother met with Jarrett and in an interview with The Advocate stated:

In meeting with [Jarrett], we knew her intentions to be pure and honest…She cares about the LGBTQ community and simply misspoke. I myself know how easy it is to slip and say something that can be misinterpreted by the media. We knew the moment that she said that, that she did not mean it the way it sounded. Sometimes people fail to remember that people are more than titles.

Charles Robbins, executive director of the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay youth, also forgave Jarrett for her “poor choice of words.”

Valerie Jarrett, as a member of the Hyde Park radical elite, who molded the Obamas and gave them life, must have learned from her gaffe that she’s not too big to fail. Up until now, Valerie has been untouchable, but every radical has her day of undoing.

The mainstream media, owned lock, stock and barrel by leftist money men, will not let her slumlord and Marxist past see the light of day. But she would do well to remember that words for her gang are like AK-47’s,  providing cover for their continuous lies and hypocrisy. One Freudian slip could be like stepping on a progressive land mine.

Jarrett’s apparent insensitivity also illuminates the power wielded by the gay community. The so-called liberal media, weighed down by political correctness from various progressive agendas, has demonstrated that the LGBT are at the top of their list.

What was Jarrett thinking?

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