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Under their Skin? MediaMatters still obsessed with Discover the Networks

Posted on October 15 2010 10:00 am
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Now that George Soros has admitted he can’t and won’t do anything to stop next month’s GOP electoral onslaught, his cheerleaders at MediaMatters are apparently trying to divert attention away from their boss’s impotence.

They’ve posted a “guide to David Horowitz’s Discover The Networks (DTN),” but their post isn’t so much a “guide” as a desperate attempt at “guilt by association.”

According to MediaMatters, Horowitz and DTN are accessories to attempted murder or something because:

…alleged California highway shooter Byron Williams — who reportedly told  investigators that “his intention was to start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU” — recommended David Horowitz’s conservative website (DTN) as a source of information about financier George Soros and Tides.

That “start a revolution” bit reminded me of Charles Manson, who claimed the Beatles’ White Album inspired him to try and start a “race war.” Mass murderers have a well-documented habit of blaming third-party “inspiration” after they’re caught; for instance, Ted Bundy pointed the finger at Playboy, which led a strange-bedfellows coalition of evangelical Christians and radical feminists to embark on the great 1980s anti-porn crusade.

And of course, all these upstanding citizens were poster children for mental health and we should totally take everything they say at face value!

(Interestingly, hundreds of mass-murdering Muslim terrorists point to the Koran as their inspiration, and can quote its many violent, anti-Semitic verses at will — but leftists like those at MediaMatters tend to studiously overlook those incidents. Whereas a lone nut named Byron Williams who didn’t succeed in killing anyone is granted far more attention by the fellows at the George Soros Steno Pool.)

MediaMatters is using Byron Williams’ “Discover the Networks excuse” as their excuse to attack… Discover the Networks. Cute.

They resort to the tiresome “progressive” tactic of simply quoting their opponents verbatim, without offering much in the way of refutation. In the leftist’s world, none is required; that certain people and positions are beyond the pale simply goes without saying.

So we are informed, without additional comment but plenty of implied ire, that DTN’s profile of the Tides Foundation states that Tides gives “hundreds of millions of dollars to anti-free enterprise groups, gun control groups, anti-private property groups, abortion rights groups, homosexual groups, groups engaged in voter fraud, anti-military groups, and organizations that seek to destroy America’s constitutional basis.”

The thing is: The Tides Foundation’s annual reports are freely available, and the most recent one, dated 2008, lists grantees such as Brothers Against Guns, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, something called The Center for Land Use Interpretation (“Dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how the nation’s lands are apportioned, utilized, and perceived”), Van Jones’ Color of Change, and assorted “peace” and “social justice” groups, as well as those devoted to LGBT advocacy.

The rest of the MediaMatters post amounts to a paen to “leave George Soros alone!” Like so many of their “reports,” it’s a very long, repetitive cut and paste job, devoid of real analysis and counterarguments but heavy on faux outrage.

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